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Publisher crs23
Type Shareware
License Freeware
Version 2.0.16
Date Added 9/6/2010
Size 48.1 MB
Downloads This Version 2,014
Downloads of All Time 9,727
BZFlag 2.0.16
Multiplayer, networked tank-shooting game

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Mac Games Rating Homer23 (6/3/2006 - version 2.0.8)
Like A-Delusion i am a player of BZFlag i am registerd my teams are Ducati: [BZA] GU: Steel Battalion Pillbox: HoW OL: Teh Pwners anyways im addicted to this game and when ur playing it if you see t2m, torture2m, malaria, or spice tell them Homer23 says hi!
Mac Games Rating Jesse (5/22/2006 - version 2.0.8)
cool game
Mac Games Rating A-Delusion (5/17/2006 - version 2.0.8)
It's been updated several times within the last year. Graphics are maybe five years behind, but it more than makes up for it in awesome gameplay. Online community is responsible and responsive. The next update (2.1) should be a big one for graphics, they seem to have made networking problems a thing of the past, and can now concentrate on graphics and gameplay again. It's very free, I encourage all to download this game from sourceforge.
Mac Games Rating daddio (5/5/2006 - version 2.0.6)
addictive. good old fashion polygon graphics. as fun as your first video game.
Mac Games Rating Swordfish (4/30/2006 - version 2.0.6)
Fabulous game! Runs well on older hardware, free, multiplayer... download it!
Mac Games Rating Player (4/15/2006 - version 2.0.6)
I used to play this game for so long it was addicting and the gameplay was awesome. Team games were so fun and so was the other game mode(s). I think this game really is just one freeware that you have to try- and remember..Its Free!! Oh yeah and before all you reviewers start Giving this game lower stars for its default low Graphics- GO INTO SETTINGS and turn everything up to the max. It makes the game itself even more fun!
Mac Games Rating JOE MAMA (3/24/2006 - version 2.0.4)
Mac Games Rating george (3/12/2006 - version 2.0.4)
what are you guys all on about? it works brilliantly! I have been playing bzflag for a while now and i have to say that it is one of the best free games i have ever come across. As well as it being very fun to play (despite the not-so-great graphics) the online community is brilliant - 5/5
Mac Games Rating JOE MAMA (12/20/2005 - version 2.0.4)
Best Network Game Ever!!! (except for RUnescape)
Mac Games Rating Half Life 4 Mac (12/3/2005 - version 2.0.4)
OK, I have been playing this game for several versions, since 1.8, and I have to say this version rocks! The graphics are much more improved, and just, wow! That's all I can really say, just WOW! Download it now, and you will have many hours of good clean fun. Long live BZ!

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