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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.0
Date Added 11/8/2002
Size 72 MB
Downloads 186,201
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 1.0
Demo of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

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Mac Games Rating Sandman (11/12/2002 - version 1.0)
i think this is the most realistic combat game ive ever played. now if only i was any good at it. lol
Mac Games Rating Peter S. (11/12/2002 - version 1.0)
Great great great Great GREAT! This is absolutly GREAT! The most excellent gamedemo I ever had the pleasure to download. Great gameplay single and multi, great graphics, great map and great performance on my Mac.
Mac Games Rating NoNameBrand (11/12/2002 - version 1.0)
Great! I have it running in OS X and OS 9 on my 350 iMac with 8mb VRAM (!!), mind you, I have 512mb of RAM and all the details as low as they go. It's not pretty, but it's really fun, and it's quite playable.
Mac Games Rating Joey (11/12/2002 - version 1.0)
awesome game!!!!!
Mac Games Rating Sigurd (11/11/2002 - version 1.0)
Very addictive game, but a manual would be appreciated. I discovered after several hours of gaming, that you can stll give order to the others teams. If you get too many times shot to death, never move the teams as human, let the AI in "recon" mode do the dirty job for you, whereas you're overwatching. Your friedly AI-controlled team wil stop and hide as soon as an ennemy is in sight...
Mac Games Rating FPS Fan (11/11/2002 - version 1.0)
I too will be buying the full version. All the action of Unreal, with intelligence and strategy. UT/Quake gamers beware: It's pretty close to one-shot kill, no respawn. The best part is you control an entire unit of 3 squads (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie), made of unique soldiers with different specialties (sniper, rifelman, demolitions). It's not as slow as the Rainbow 6 titles: Less strategy beforehand, you just pick your men and figure it out "on the fly." I turned shadows and effects detail all the way down, after that it plays 30-60 fps on an old G4/400.
Mac Games Rating Co-Pilot (11/11/2002 - version 1.0)
... I like it and I will buy full version. A intelligent mix between a classic ego-shooter and more tactical gameplay. Hard to play, but it is was I need and it is realistic. So don't make a step without be sure about this step ;-) or you get hit.
Mac Games Rating Llegovski (11/11/2002 - version 1.0)
A good shooter but it hurts your eyes. The textures are all so flaky, and I can't turn up the settings for graphics (it just won't let me). You have to really strain to see the figures against the background. Which is what the whole game is about, staring until you see someone and then blowing em to shit.
Mac Games Rating Bob the Cat (11/10/2002 - version 1.0)
Gameplay in and of itself is good, but the textures are abominable. Even on highest settings, textures are far worse than Unreal Tournament, and character poly count is pretty low too. I was hoping for some Rainbow 6 gameplay with RtCW graphics, but was very dissappointed. Not to mention it was still choppy on my 867mhz G4 w/ GeForce3. Between the framerate problems and blurry textures that made me feel like I was actually outside and not wearing my glasses, I eventually gave up, because it simply wasn't fun. Rogue Spear was a LOT better than this.
Mac Games Rating Motoko Aramaki (11/10/2002 - version 1.0)
A little choppy at times, but very fun. It's like Rainbow Six, but prettier. I haven't had a chance to look at the network stuff, but hopefully, it's better than the code in RB6.

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

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