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Publisher Illwinter
Type Shareware
License $30
Version 2.0.6
Date Added 1/12/2004
Size 991 K
Downloads 5,418
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Dominions 2.0.6

Each pretender is Lord and Master of one of fourteen cultures, each with its own individual strengths and weaknesses. With the aid of soldiers and mages you will conquer the lands of your neighbors in a struggle for total domination.

Priests and prophets will preach throughout the world to spread your dominion, the manifestation of your divine supremacy.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Powerful mages are more conservative with their magic gem spending.
'Out of squad nbr' bug fixed.
Unit stats no longer pop up during turn generation (bug introduced in version 1.14).

Mac Games System Requirements

Mac OS X Only
Mac OS X 10.2

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Don Ragnorok (3/18/2004 - version 2.0.6)
This game is pure evil, cunningly designed to stop us working. Amazingly addictive, I couldent realy give a flying fu for the appaulling graphics....there just so novel..ahhhh This is a hugly deep and complex turn based strategy game of smart line preportions: massive diversity .(In races, monsters, spell and chackkac). Also try the first one, (Go to the website) I actually prefer it somehow....simpler interface perhaps? Well worth a download if you dont value your time whatsoever. I want the full
Mac Games Rating Apple (10/21/2003 - version 1.1.5)
Somehow I couldn't create a god, so I can't play a game. when i press ready in create a god menu, it quits unexpectedly. But I give it 3 stars for seemingly good graphics, and made for mac os x.
Mac Games Rating Prio (11/13/2002 - version 1.13)
Couple tips: the up/down arrow keys can be used to increase/decrease province defense, and control-tab puts the game into a window (with a damnably slow fading effect) - although I found it, erm, unplayable in window mode. (You'll see when you try it, if you get the same problem.) Still allows switching away, though, although it did not stop Dominions from consuming every ounce of my attention during play, as I'd hoped. Hrmm. The PBEM games are absolutely maddening (and tense) studies in Byzantine diplomacy...
Mac Games Rating NoNameBrand (10/25/2002 - version 1.13)
Great game! Very addictive. It takes a while to learn it all though. I wish there was a quick way to (a) select troops on the orders/squad menu, (b) increase counters (ie gems, province defense, etc) and (c) get to the end of the battle to see who died. Also, it'd be nice to be able to switch out of the program.
Mac Games Rating Dave (10/4/2002 - version 1.13)
Challenging and extremely deep strategy game, but the lack of a manual and an obscure interface means you have to spend a lot of time with it to really get the most out of it. There is a tutorial available for download from the Illwinter website, but it would have been nice to have had it included, likewise the manual. Despite these shortcomings, this game is definitely worth the time it takes to download and check out. Why aren't there more games like this for OS X?

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