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Publisher freeLunch.apps
Type Shareware
License Free
Version 2.4
Date Added 12/12/2004
Size 142 K
Downloads 8,974
iBush 2.4
Artificially unintelligent Oval Office Occupant simulator

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Mac Games Rating mustitell (1/9/2005 - version 2.4)
not much of a game, good for a laugh though, one problem is the english, it takes me at least 2 minuets or more to disifer the bad english used,
Mac Games Rating Pfff (1/1/2005 - version 2.4)
You dont have a more stupide game?
Mac Games Rating Radikal V of denmark (12/14/2004 - version 2.4)
i find it funy to see how this is rated.. either it's 1 joystick from ppl that like bush, and 5 from those who hate him.. nevertheless it is true that bush is a threath to the world.. but before we Euros go into offensive (as i suppose someones here is a Euro.. we migth concider getting rid of the rigthwing populists in our own countrys first (you know you've got 'em)
Mac Games Rating A.R. (12/11/2004 - version 2.3)
Mac Games Rating Leftwing Tears (12/11/2004 - version 2.3)
Can the passive-aggressive little Lefties just give up now? I mean, what's the point, you can't actually win. Making programs like this just reveal their bitter rage at being outrageously out of touch with the zeitgeist of the 21st Century. Bitter. Little. Ankle-biters......
Mac Games Rating Rockhead (12/10/2004 - version 2.3)
Wow. Bored to tears. Yeah and the progam pointing out stuff. It says intellegence in the subtitle so yale boy had a good point. this game sucked nevertheless.
Mac Games Rating Fluid (11/15/2004 - version 2.3)
Gore won in 2000 nuff said. Republicans suck ass.
Mac Games Rating Belcarius (11/14/2004 - version 2.3)
u ppl are missing the point of this program. it's pointing out the one absolute truth about bush: that he has terrible english. seriously i used to live in Vanuatu and they speak better english there. Those guys who said he is smarter than most ppl because he went to college, please grow up you need money to get into college, you also need money to become president. Bush senior had lots of both. By himself bush is a complete remo who failed every buisness venture he began. The only reason he's still around is because there are a lot of dumb people like him
Mac Games Rating Patriot (11/14/2004 - version 2.3)
Very funny! Love it.
Mac Games Rating Marius (11/14/2004 - version 2.3)
As a "game" it sucks. nuff said.

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