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Publisher Ruud van Gaal
Type Shareware
License Freeware
Date Added 3/7/2008
Size 24.8 MB
Downloads This Version 5,170
Downloads of All Time 19,118
OpenGL car simulation with realistic physics

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Mac Games Rating Oelmuvun (5/25/2009 - version
Great fun if you download extra cars and tracks elsewhere(there are tons, trust me). Cars and tracks are pretty customizable(you can even make your own with some work). Controls are fine if you have a wheel and a decently made car. Lots of graphics customization options if you know where to look. Biggest downside is that it needs a very powerful CPU, you can get by with a not so spectacular graphics card but not CPU. Need to keep in mind that Racer is being developed by a single guy who is doing Linux and Windows versions as well. I have been using Racer for many years and even though I quite like it I really hate to say that it kinda is one of the better racing/driving sims for Mac OS unless you go into "ciderized" ones and such. Though, to be fair I generally avoid things that I cannot use late 60s to early 70s cars in.. >_>
Mac Games Rating RedFoxFive (6/4/2008 - version
Camera angle changes every few seconds, just to throw you off the track. Controls are shockingly bad, with oversteer, no grip, and overly sensitive handling. Until camera issues are fixed, don't bother
Mac Games Rating James (3/7/2008 - version
pretty neat, to bad theres only one car to play as and you cant set the controls(i tried, it doesnt work out well).
Mac Games Rating tom (3/3/2008 - version 0.5.4b1)
controls suck completely. graphic problems. stupid physics (almost no movement off road; barely any grip) and small window only. shocking slow on a 2GHz iMac Dualcore with lots of RAM. Better go for the Nedd for Speed (autumn 2007).
Mac Games Rating l l (2/29/2008 - version 0.5.4b1)
Macgamefiles added a wrong download link, itīs only 2,7 MB. Here you can find the correct link: To extend Racer with a lot of other cars and tracks, you should check the following link: Itīs a pitty, this app works not correct on my Macmini. It could be a great game.
Mac Games Rating James (2/28/2008 - version 0.5.4b1)
doesnt work on my intel mac osx 10.4.11
Mac Games Rating Racer fan (4/26/2007 - version 0.5.3b1.5)
This really is superb and free but you will have to put in some effort to make it work on your particular machine yourselves! Don't despair,it is not too difficult and really is worth the effort.It is a doddle to tweak the physics for individual cars once you know how and more rewarding than having it all done for you. Check out the website and forums for some excellent advice on the basic setup and many superb user-contributed cars and tracks. This is where the game really comes to life.(I find some work better on the old version of Racer) Works great on my emac 1.25 running 10.3.9. and Logitech Momo. THIS IS FREE and (in my opinion) better than many commercial driving sims.
Mac Games Rating YucK! (4/1/2006 - version 0.5.3b1.5)
This 1.50Ghz! 500MB!!! WHAT THE HELL??? Do NOT download!!!
Mac Games Rating minh truong (4/1/2006 - version 0.5.3b1.5)
it's buggy.. it won't run properly on powerbook g4 osX 10.4. don't download
Mac Games Rating Anders Jorgensen (4/1/2006 - version 0.5.3b1.5)
"Real car physics" my a..! If your car looses grip when you drive 40km/h you should probably get another one. Really crappy physics imo!

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