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Publisher Scott Kevill
Type Tool
License $49.95/year for premium service
Version 4.9
Date Added 11/20/2008
Size 380 K
Downloads This Version 4,013
Downloads of All Time 10,539
GameRanger 4.9
Online service to set up, play & discuss network games.

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Mac Games Rating anu d (7/7/2012 - version 4.9)
This application is terrible. You spend more time looking for a sever and trying to connect to it rather then actually playing. This was created by several amateur programmers and needs serious reworking.
Mac Games Rating Lee (7/22/2011 - version 4.9)
Best game service for both PC and Mac.
Mac Games Rating hallo (5/20/2008 - version 4.6.7)
For anyone who has not noticed it ... you are now able to change the system's Ethernet card MAC adress without any third party software. Just do a: % sudo ifconfig en0 ether aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff where en0 is the network interface (numbered from en0, en1, en2 ...) and aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff is the desired MAC address in hex notation.
Mac Games Rating Damien (1/23/2008 - version 4.6.7)
A -10 rating, if it was possible. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Worthless and horrible admins.
Mac Games Rating Marathon Freak (10/7/2007 - version 4.6.7)
Rob, sorry man, but most of us did nothing wrong. And "core of mac gaming"? This app is so sad, I literally want to cry. The intel mac owners are lucky, the rest of us have to suffer. There are variations of gamespy that run on mac, but only certain games have them. Why can't they have a standalone Gamespy app run on G4's and G5's. Evill and his stupid fatass admins will ban you for anything. Also, $50 just to have some lame extra options including being able to play the 1942 battlefield demo. It was a demo for crying out loud. As soon as some gamers had some fun with it including a handful of mods, fat fuck Kevill had to step in and monopolize on that. I'm sorry, but as an ibook owner, GR wrecked mac multiplayer for me.
Mac Games Rating Rob (7/28/2007 - version 4.6.7)
Great app. Don't listen to the haters. They did the wrong thing and are now crying. It's a great app, and is the 'core' of Macintosh Gaming.
Mac Games Rating A Curse on retard Kevill (5/24/2007 - version 4.6.7)
Actual rating: (minus) -1 out of 5. Thank god I have an Intel mac now running crossover. Now I can go back to gamespy. Fuck gameranger. And fuck that piece of shit Kevill forever. You were the bane of mac gaming. No longer you fat fuck. Crawl in a hole and die.
Mac Games Rating Tango (4/20/2007 - version 4.6.7)
GR are hot stuff. Good members, good games. Great times.
Mac Games Rating Marcos The Kraut (2/7/2007 - version 4.6.5)
Kevill (Evill on the servers) messaged me looking for the pr0n. He said he would trade me a collection of OS9 only games given to him to test for his service in exchange for 15 burnt CDs full of German scat. He then banned me. Go Windows!!!
Mac Games Rating Sulu41 (12/1/2006 - version 4.6)
This hosting service is boorish and primitive at best and downright frustrating at worst. The ammount of games is sad and is the only thing making me give it 2 stars. GameSpy,, Almost Anything is better than this.

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