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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.41 Beta
Date Added 1/16/2003
Size 17 MB
Downloads 94,306
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Classic first person shooter update

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Mac Games Rating gkkg (11/3/2007 - version 1.41 Beta)
this game has been out for a LONG time for mac, and we still have no new version that is NOT beta? what gives? looks like it's been abandoned for the mac version
Mac Games Rating hence (3/26/2006 - version 1.41 Beta)
how do you update who cares about the rating s or whatever... why is it always so hard to find things on the web ? all i am looking for is a update for bin 1.32 to 1.33
Mac Games Rating macgeek (11/20/2005 - version 1.41 Beta)
how long has this game been out? years? why is 1.41 for mac still in beta??? did you guys stop supporting the mac or what? when I installed 1.41 beta, mp stopped working. could not join servers online. kept getting "invalid cd key", which makes no sense, I paid for the game. ??? so, I deleted the updated and just used the older version on cd that I have. so im not installing any more updates til the beta stuff is done.
Mac Games Rating AARG!!! (7/1/2004 - version 1.41 Beta)
Ok: I have had RTCW for a LONG time. I LOVE it. When the 1.41 patch came out, I was very excited. That is, until I installed it and tried to play SP. MP loads and plays fine. Butter smooth. SP, on the other hand, force-quits itself whenever I run it. HELP! I don't know what I'll do if I can't play! BTW: I'm running a G4 867 sp with a gf4 mx running 64 MB of VRAM, and 640 MB of system ram.
Mac Games Rating Toggle GTP (6/15/2004 - version 1.41 Beta)
Its still a good game that you can purchase for $25 online. One of best creative mods was Wolftactics. It can be downloaded here or visit the old website where u can still download it for mac/pc .
Mac Games Rating ramriez (11/10/2003 - version 1.41 Beta)
Mac Games Rating MrK540 (6/22/2003 - version 1.41 Beta)
Alright. The bottom line is this game rocks. The sad part is that the Mac version always gets versions way late so I can't play on any servers when they switch. I had mondo trouble with v1.33, and finally worked it out. Then they switched to 1.41. Now I can access everything with the new BETA version(which was very hard to find a download for that actually worked-this one doesn't BTW). Now Punkbuster says that something is wrong even though I enabled it and my ping went out the window for no reason with this update. I quit servers for no reason and they say I have too high ping. I DIDN'T CHANGE ANYTHING! I HAVE THE SAME CONNECTION! They really make crappy half-arse updates for Mac with this game. It is sad... I am sick of this BETA. Come out with a quality fully-functioning Mac Update that I don't have to tinker around in command terminal with and I'll be happy. Until then this game will suck multiplayer wise... got v1.41 BETA to work? Please email me:
Mac Games Rating Fritz (4/20/2003 - version 1.41 Beta)
Now I can paly Instagib Tram again! great job, Aspyr!
Mac Games Rating FRAGu (2/5/2003 - version 1.41 Beta)
Now we're playing! I downloaded the link/files from TOGGLE's review: and loaded the files in my Wolfenstein MAIN folder; now multiplayer mode works with any server I connect to. See ya'll online!
Mac Games Rating FRAGu (2/5/2003 - version 1.41 Beta)
Upgraded to 1.41BETA from 1.33. Single player worked properly with better looking graphics (TRUFORM) and faster framerates. But, when I switched to multiplayer mode, I couldn't connect to the several servers I tried. I am going to try TOGGLE's advice: I will send in new report if it works.

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