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Type Shareware
License Freeware
Version 2.3.0beta2
Date Added 2/3/2011
Size 113 MB
Downloads This Version 2,431
Downloads of All Time 20,108
Freeciv 2.3.0beta2
Multiplayer strategy game like Civilization II

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Mac Games Rating Mike Adams (6/1/2010 - version 2.2.1 rc1)
I couldn't figure out how to compile the game, so I did a bit of looking and found out that an older version of Freeciv (2.1.6) comes pre-compiled. Not as good as Civ 4 but definatly worth it if you don't wanna spend money on that game.
Mac Games Rating REN1 (7/5/2009 - version 2.1.9)
Great CIV 2 clone. It worked on my Mac without any trouble. I don't know why people are talking about compiling. I don't even know what compiling is.
Mac Games Rating Ben (8/16/2008 - version 2.1.3)
The game comes with an installer and is a lot of fun.
Mac Games Rating Vedrit (5/23/2008 - version 2.1.3)
when you run Free Civ, chances are that you are missing the important X11 files, and you cannot get them. Tough luck for us all.
Mac Games Rating f12x xplain! (2/13/2008 - version 2.1.3)
f12x if it doesnt need compiling how do you make it run on a mac?
Mac Games Rating f12x (12/30/2007 - version 2.1.2)
Don't listen to the junk people are writing about compiling the game. It comes with an installer!
Mac Games Rating random person (8/29/2005 - version 2.0.4)
Mac Games Rating Guy (8/11/2005 - version 2.0.4)
Compiled now, thanks guys!
Mac Games Rating Guy (7/10/2005 - version 2.0.2)
Some one please compile it though? Its not fun spending 2 hours trying to make it work, but it doesnt... Please compile it?
Mac Games Rating Mike Jones (5/8/2005 - version 2.0.0)
"What the hell? Do the creators of this game expect the general public to know all about compiling when they give vague indicators of how to do it?" No, they expect you to be using Linux and Gnome because that's what it's written for/on and where software just works. On MacOS, you can use Fink or wait for someone to package it up. It is uncool, however, to complain that people who are giving you a great game for free aren't packaging it to your liking on some commercial platform. Oh, and Freeciv 2.0 really rocks.

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