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Publisher PCGen
Type Shareware
License Freeware
Version 5.16.4
Date Added 11/29/2010
Size 31.9 MB
Downloads This Version 2,316
Downloads of All Time 8,206
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PCGen 5.16.4

PCGen is a character generator and maintenance program aimed at supporting any and all d20 roleplaying games - most notably Dungeons and Dragons (3rd Ed., Wizards of the Coast), Star Wars (Lucasfilm Ltd.) and an assortment of others. It can help you quickly create a new character or convert old ones, and it has the ability to generate character sheets and even party sheets through the use of templates (a variety of html templates are provided).

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 5.16.3:
New Data Source Development
  • [NEWSOURCE-2] - [DragonWing Games] BP - Into the Green
  • [NEWSOURCE-4] - [Distant Horizons Games] The Practical Enchanter
  • [NEWSOURCE-5] - [Paizo] Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting
  • [NEWSOURCE-6] - [Paizo] Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms
  • [NEWSOURCE-7] - [Paizo] Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax, Empire of Devils
  • [NEWSOURCE-8] - [Paizo] Pathfinder conversion sets for Rise of the Runelords
  • [NEWSOURCE-9] - [Paizo] conversion sets for Curse of the Crimson Throne
  • [NEWSOURCE-10] - [Paizo] Pathfinder conversion sets for Second Darkness
  • [NEWSOURCE-12] - [Distant Horizons Games] Distinctions & Demerits
  • [NEWSOURCE-13] - [Paizo] Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary
  • [NEWSOURCE-15] - [Paizo] Pathfinder: Council of Thieves Player's Guide
  • [NEWSOURCE-16] - [Paizo] Pathfinder Adventure Path: Kingmaker Player's Guide
Code - Bug
  • [CODE-14] - Custom Sources aren't being Saved
  • [CODE-15] - Casterlevel not applying correctly
  • [CODE-34] - Minor issue - Counter For number of Feat/Abilities has issue with x0 (10, 20, 30)
  • [CODE-40] - Data Installer fails to read Install.lst file with accented characters
  • [CODE-53] - Spell list for sorcerers missing from GMGen Initiative panel
  • [CODE-57] - Data Converter does not mirror directory of converted data on output
  • [CODE-64] - PCG relative file path to companion
  • [CODE-75] - TYPE (Global) and ALTTYPE (Equipment) do not unparse .REMOVE.
  • [CODE-77] - Domain LST FEAT token does not unparse .CLEAR
  • [CODE-78] - Equipment and EquipmentModifier SPROP tokens do not unparse .CLEAR
  • [CODE-79] - Template HD and LEVEL do not unparse .CLEAR
  • [CODE-82] - AUTO:EQUIP Adds '0' of item
  • [CODE-118] - Spell Editor: CLASSES entries do not get saved
  • [CODE-119] - Experience preference is not accessible if GMGen open
  • [CODE-128] - Birthday no longer persisted - backport fix for 2856884 to 5.16.3
  • [CODE-130] - NullPointerException When Displaying Character - backport fix for 2845097 to 5.16.3
  • [CODE-136] - Removing a level does not reduce current xp
  • [CODE-137] - Spell Editor: Spell copy loses classes and domains
  • [CODE-138] - Class Editor: ADD:ABILITY does not show on advanced page
  • [CODE-139] - Class Editor: Errors in console on save
  • [CODE-140] - Domain Editor: Spells lost on save
  • [CODE-141] - Feat Editor: Errors in console on save
  • [CODE-142] - Race Editor: Errors in console on save
  • [CODE-143] - Skill Editor: Errors in console on save
  • [CODE-144] - Spell Editor: Errors in console on save
  • [CODE-145] - Template Editor: Errors in console on save
  • [CODE-146] - Source Editor: Errors in console on save
  • [CODE-147] - Source Editor - Cannot add PCC file
  • [CODE-156] - LST Converter can get stuck at Game Mode
  • [CODE-157] - LST Converter leaks memory
  • [CODE-162] - ADD:CLASSSKILL on CLASS LINE does not Save to the PCG file
  • [CODE-166] - CSKILL on Class Level line is ignored
  • [CODE-167] - Classes Editor - Removed level entries are persisted
  • [CODE-168] - Deity Editor - ITEM and PANTHEON save problems
  • [CODE-169] - LST Editor: New Custom type gets added each edit cycle
  • [CODE-172] - Domain Editor: Weapon prof not saved
  • [CODE-173] - LST Editors: Vision tag is duplicated
  • [CODE-174] - Language Editor: TYPE does not get selected
  • [CODE-176] - Load Sources with PC loads incompatible and duplicate sources
  • [CODE-177] - NPE - Create NPC - 20 Level Human Monk brings up several NPEs
  • [CODE-181] - Race file - FEAT not adding the FEAT
  • [CODE-182] - Parsing Bug in Formula
  • [CODE-188] - CL not being evaluated on SUBCLASS Levels greater than Level 1
  • [CODE-196] - HITDICEADVANCEMENT is not working as Documented
Code - New Feature
  • [CODE-20] - Add support for new installer extension pcz
Data - Bug
  • [DATA-41] - Shorten overly long directory paths
  • [DATA-44] - SOURCEPAGES incorrect for Equipment
  • [DATA-60] - Burst ~ Xeph move bonus is wrong (doesn't round TL/4 in 10*(TL/4)+10)
  • [DATA-62] - [PATHFINDER] Half-Dragon template problems
  • [DATA-65] - NPE error with Pathfinder Monk
  • [DATA-69] - Description for Destined Sorcerer bloodline's Fated ability missing reference to AC bonus
  • [DATA-71] - Animal Tricks have issues
  • [DATA-72] - [Pathfinder] Barkskin spell has misplaced parenthesis
  • [DATA-77] - Incorrect TYPE usage with Natural Armor
  • [DATA-78] - Orc Double Axe not treated as a double weapon
  • [DATA-79] - Missing Companion Creatures - Familiars, Mounts and Animal Companions
  • [DATA-80] - Rhino Hide armor check penalty is wrong
  • [DATA-82] - Missing Descriptions for Oils!
  • [DATA-85] - Displaying Combat Styles erroneously
  • [DATA-86] - [AEG] Gods Prestige Class - Line 167 - CLASS:The Returned has missing Formula for the BONUS:COMBAT|xxx
  • [DATA-87] - Giants' thrown rocks have incorrect ranges
  • [DATA-88] - Missing Fire Damage From Fire Giants' Thrown Rocks
Data - New Feature
  • [DATA-29] - [Paizo] Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook Errata
  • [DATA-30] - [Paizo] Pathfinder RPG Bestiary Errata
  • [DATA-42] - PCGen Enhancement Re-namer utility dataset
  • [DATA-74] - Add "Pathfinder RPG for Gamemasters (includes monsters)" to quick sources window
Documentation - Bug
  • [DOCS-2] - KIT - Need to mention RACE in a kit requires !PRERACE:1,%
  • [DOCS-8] - Incorrect example for ARMORPROF:x for exclude
  • [DOCS-16] - CHOOSE:SKILL|x|x|y example is incorrect
Documentation - New Feature
  • [DOCS-10] - SPELLMEM add DESC to the List.
  • [DOCS-23] - [Publisher] Add Rite Publishing to Publisher Permissions Page

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Mac OS X 10.2 or later
Java 1.4 or later

Mac Games Download

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Sean Polun (8/15/2002 - version 3.0.0)
THis is the best d20 Character generator i ve ever seen.
Mac Games Rating zimzim (5/14/2002 - version 2.6.2)
it's a cool thing but not really useful

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