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Publisher Xavagus Prime Software
Type Shareware
License $20
Version 2.0
Date Added 8/11/2003
Size 8 MB
Downloads 6,387
OIDS 2.0
A fast-paced action/arcade style game (Classic)

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Mac Games Rating Mr. Me (7/24/2003 - version 2.0.1)
Wow, great old school fun :)
Mac Games Rating (7/21/2003 - version 2.0.1)
SK: It is very unusual for OIDS.X to crash when starting a game. I would like to fix any problems you or any other user encounters with my game. Please send any details about the problem you are having to Oh and you get three ships on the shareware version. Also if you rescue 8 OIDS you'll earn one more ship. The original OIDS demo only gave you one ship!
Mac Games Rating SK (7/21/2003 - version 2.0.1)
Crashed on trying to start a 2nd game. Two lives? The idea is to make the game fun for people, so they are interested in registering; not frustrating them in the first 5 minutes so they trash it, as I've done.
Mac Games Rating WildKewK (6/11/2002 - version 2.0.1)
Its got good gameplay and resonable graphics
Mac Games Rating Marty (5/4/2002 - version 2.0.1)
In the full version you startout with 4 lives .
Mac Games Rating Bill (4/13/2002 - version 2.0)
The readme says it runs in the Classic mode of OS X, not that it is OS X compatible. It runs great in 9!
Mac Games Rating sherlock (4/12/2002 - version 2.0)
Theres way better old games than this. The sound is really choppy. Plus it only lets you play two lives at a time. It also says its OSX, which it isn't.
Mac Games Rating Alex (4/1/2002 - version 2.0)
Hey, I played this on my Atari ST, it was great back then, and still is!
Mac Games Rating Kyuzo (3/31/2002 - version 2.0)
Does no one remember this most excellent game? Download it people, the God of Classic Mac Gaming commands it! Well, nuts to you all, no space choplifter for you, no fun old school graphics, no solid classic gameplay for you

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