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Publisher Ambrosia Software
Type Shareware
License $30
Version 1.1
Date Added 6/23/2009
Size 90.2 MB
Downloads This Version 33,356
Downloads of All Time 432,630
Escape Velocity: Nova 1.1
EV Nova is the third game in the Escape Velocity series...

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Mac Games Rating Den (6/24/2009 - version 1.1)
Great space trading game, and yes, it uses millions of colors, contrary to what previous poster said.
Mac Games Rating Best Yet (4/6/2008 - version 1.0.10)
Nova is easily the best game in the EV series, by a huge margin. The storylines are not nearly as predictable as Override's, instead a simple choice can catapult you into science, smuggling, blockade running, slavery, political intrigue, exploration and more, without telling you what will happen. In comparison, Override told you exactly who you were working for, and what you would be doing, blunting every surprise in the game. As EVO fan so bluntly and ignorantly blurted, one such storyline does prevent you from buying ships and outfits, as well as prevents you from accepting missions via the Mission BBS. However, that same storyline supplies everything you'll need and more. You get some of the fastest, most powerful ships and weapons in the game (which cannot be captured, I might add) as well as regaining all lost abilities. Another great touch in Nova is that you're not always the victorious hero at the end. Your role ranges from public hero, to martyr, to savior to backstabbing usurper. I would pay $60 without a second thought for this jewel, with the $30 price being quite generous, in my own opinion of course. All that remains is to enjoy the updates (can you beat Arpia?) and wait for the next game in the series.
Mac Games Rating No's what he's talkin' about (1/3/2008 - version 1.0.10)
This is the ultimate game.There are unlimited posibilities.
Mac Games Rating Rubio (12/21/2007 - version 1.0.10)
Amazing, vast universe with many storylines and cool ships. While the game isn't without flaws (the Polaris are ridiculous--once you join them, the game stops being fun because you just destroy everything), it's well worth registering. There's an active and enthusiastic community of people who are still building new plug-ins to renew the game. If you want to play Escape Velocity or EV Override with better graphics and game mechanics, there are plug-ins for you. Full marks!
Mac Games Rating Edals (11/28/2007 - version 1.0.10)
This game cannot be played by PC's running the latest version of Quicktime. It states that you must have "Quicktime 5.0 or better". As long as my work is forcing me to use a PC I'd at least like to get my EV fix. Can you make another patch?
Mac Games Rating Master of space (10/22/2007 - version 1.0.10)
Mac Games Rating Nacho Party (6/29/2007 - version 1.0.10)
Best game Ever!!
Mac Games Rating EVO fan (6/14/2007 - version 1.0.10)
This is a massive downgrade from the first two games. The storylines are cheesy, and describe your "character's" emotions for you, instead of simply describing the events and letting you reach your own reactions to the events. You get sucked into a number of storylines without so much as a warning. There's even one storyline, which I ran into in the first half-hour of play, that restricted you from buying most ships and disallows you from doing ANY BBS missions. The EV series has always been about player choice, and this game seems to take every opportunity to take choice away. The only real improvement is the graphics, which seem bizzarely set against the low-quality sound effects. EV and EV Override are far better games, and the only reason I might even consider buying Nova is to play the mods of EV and EVO on a Windows machine. As far as the regular Nova campaign goes, I wouldn't pay a dime for this overrated piece of garbage, nevermind the $30 they ask for.
Mac Games Rating lastsummer (9/17/2006 - version 1.0.10)
I've been playing this one since it came out in 2002. Not all mission strings are fun to do but I still give it 5 out of 5 because it offers near limitless expandability via the plug-in system.
Mac Games Rating Very Repetetive (8/17/2006 - version 1.0.10)

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Escape Velocity: Nova

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