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Publisher Team MacBG
Type Tool
License Freeware
Version 2.1.2
Date Added 2/24/2004
Size 3 MB
Downloads 6,168
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Infinity Resource Editor 2.1.2

Infinity Resource Editor allows you to edit the resources of Infinity Engine based games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It features an easy to use GUI for editing the supported file types which currently are:

• Animations
• Static Images
• ID and 2DA files
• Music Files
• Spells
• External Effects
• Creatures

Download link 1 is for the OS X version
Download link 2 is for the OS 9 version

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

•Inventory Management for creature files
•Added context menus to creature, item, and spell editors. This basically allows you to edit these items settings correctly regardless of which game IRE starts up with

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
•Mac OS Classic
•Mac OS X
•Any Infinity Engine based game

Mac Games Download

Infinity Resource Editor (OS9)
Infinity Resource Editor (OSX)

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Zaxis (3/2/2010 - version 2.1.2)
I tried this program and found it to be very buggy. While the attempted features show a nice promise, the actual execution is very bad.
Mac Games Rating Sypher (2/3/2008 - version 2.1.2)
Aw man, whoever coded this app needs to learn how to program! The thing is an absolute mess and is extremely buggy even on features that it is supposed to be able to perform. I use Near Infinity like some other people mentioned here for my IE editing. I thought that I would give this a try since I am a mac user but this thing is outright terrible. I'd give it a zero star rating if it were possible! I even tried it on older operating systems, so no... it is not the new OS that is causing the issues. It is THIS useless program!
Mac Games Rating BGEditor (6/17/2007 - version 2.1.2)
This thing never worked for me, I've tried several versions over the years and all of them have been extremely buggy. The interface is quite poorly designed and the results that it attempts to provide just never live up to par. Near Infinity is your best bet if you plan on doing ANY type of Infinity Engine editing.
Mac Games Rating Binki (9/7/2006 - version 2.1.2)
I tried near infinity and it works better than this!!! No offense, but infinity resource editor is a piece of dirt compared to it!
Mac Games Rating KillerBee (8/12/2006 - version 2.1.2)
Yeah, this thing is terrible. I am a friend of Balduran's and I have to agree with him on this one. Use Near Infinity if you plan on doing any Infinity Engine editing on the mac.

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