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Marathon | Rampancy
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Publisher Marathon | Rampancy Team
Type Add-on
License Beta
Version 1.0b1
Date Added 3/14/2003
Size 13 MB
Downloads 7,827
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Marathon | Rampancy 1.0b1

The idea behind Marathon|Rampancy was first sparked on a camping trip over two years ago. It was made with one simple goal in mind: to bring Bungie's classic multiplayer game to the internet. Along the way it has expanded upon and refined the original ideas behind Marathon, in hopes that Rampancy will appeal to the broad expectations of both vets and neophytes alike.
Rampancy includes ten gametypes that utilize both its own map pack and any UT based map. Each gametype comes with a ton of options that should allow almost any map to be playable, although some work far better than others. The best maps are usually the ones that are arena style, small to medium in size, and easy to negotiate quickly.


• Kill the Man With the Ball: Pretty much sums it up. The ball physics add a large twist to the game since it can be punched, shot, and blasted around.
• King of the Hill: Old school Marathon at it's best. Well suited for 3-8 players.
• Roving King of the Hill: Inspired by Perfect Dark's gametype and based on domination maps. Will probably play much better once Rampancy specific maps are made for it. (Any volunteers?)
• CTF: Includes a variable flag drop time. Plays best with smaller maps, long flag-stay times, and a large number of players. The enemy flag can be capped at any time regardless of the friendly flag's status to improve the flow of the game.
• Also included: Domination, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and Assault.

• Akimbo Shotguns
• Rocket Launcher
• Pistol
• Napalm Unit
• Fusion Gun
• Battle Rifle (with auxiliary grenade launcher)
• Submachine gun
• a pair of really powerful dukes

All of the weapons have unique properties that make them interesting to use. For example the second fire on the fusion pistol will overload it after approximately a minute. The resulting explosion is huge. For a laugh, try chucking it at an opponent just prior to meltdown. Also, remember not to use it in water.

If you're lucky, you'll find a 1X shield charger, or maybe a 2X or even a 3X. There's also an invisibility powerup and an invincibility. Invincibility is both a blessing and a curse since everyone comes after ya with a fusion pistol.

Map Vote included! This awesome utility adds the ability vote for the next map and kick lamers.

To install it, all you have to do is unzip it, then stick it in your UnrealTournament/Maps folder. Sounds easy enough. :)

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
• Unreal Tournament

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Marathon | Rampancy

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating NoMan (11/13/2001 - version 1.0b1)
This version is very fun to play. The early releases' weapons strayed from Marathon a bit too much for some, but these new adaptations are accurate and refreshing at the same time. Physics feel strange in UT, but make for fun gameplay. The Marine model is the only Marathon one, and is the only one you can play with. The body's quality could be better, and Resurection's skin is undeniably better. But still, excellent playablity makes this well worth the download.

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