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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.0
Date Added 8/10/2001
Size 53 MB
Downloads 38,506
Escape From Monkey Island 1.0
Demo of Aspyr's Escape from Monkey Island

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Mac Games Rating Ellen Mitchell (1/20/2006 - version 1.0)
The demo file, when it finally downloaded, turned out to be an .sea file. I tried numerous times to open it without success. Maybe try Server 2...
Mac Games Rating Chestnut (8/1/2002 - version 1.0)
This game is great, with nice cartoon style graphics, hilarious dialogs and not the "shoot 'em up fast" style I've grown to hate. Humour is the name of this game (that, and Escape From Monkey Island).
Mac Games Rating *asterix (5/19/2002 - version 1.0)
awww cmon people! i beat the demo!!!! should i say how??? ill tell you. . . i wont tell you all of it, but just to get you started, you make the darters to blow up the balloon, then find a popped inner tube and make a slingshot. ya, it works. . .
Mac Games Rating leah (3/16/2002 - version 1.0)
Good game, but you cant get any body to do any thing you cant get the catipolt to stop, or get a ship it gets really borring after you find out you cant do any thing.
Mac Games Rating chris (12/8/2001 - version 1.0)
It is the best game I have played and I have played a lot of games.
Mac Games Rating Jake (12/3/2001 - version 1.0)
A hilarious and lengthy game. If you like lots of story and witty sarcastic dialogue (or if you like pirates) this is more than the game for you. Not nearly as impressive as Monkey Island 1, 2 or 3 (only 1 and 2 are available for the Mac by the way), but all around a fun game, worth every penny.
Mac Games Rating wes (11/24/2001 - version 1.0)
Mac Games Rating Ron (9/8/2001 - version 1.0)
I bought the full version. Also it seems cool at first, it becomes rapidly boring after a few hours of play. There are way too many useless dialogs and worth most dialogs texts are puerile. Don't bother. If you really want it, just wait until it gets in budget randge.
Mac Games Rating Sky Lopez Fan (9/6/2001 - version 1.0)
I hurt myself playing this.
Mac Games Rating Xanderboy (9/2/2001 - version 1.0)
Great game! Funny humor, good graphics. Only the demo is so easy I wonder if it would be worth the money to get it.

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Escape From Monkey Island (Large, 118 MB)

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