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Publisher Z Sculpt
Type Demo
License $29
Version 1.3.1
Date Added 4/7/2009
Size 61.2 MB
Downloads This Version 4,008
Downloads of All Time 38,152
Return to Dark Castle 1.3.1
Sequel To the Classic Adventure Game

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Mac Games Rating Stian (9/4/2020 - version 1.3.1)
This game is a load of fun for anyone who ever played Dark Castle or Beyond Dark Castle, but also for those who are new to the Dark Castle series. This is a classic 2D platformer that incorporates the levels from the original games, as well as a whole bunch of new ones, with classic sound effects but now in full color. The one drawback is that it's a 32-bit app, so it won't work on anything newer than Mojave.
Mac Games Rating Outwing (3/28/2009 - version 1.1)
Pretty good game since it came out! Novice and Beginner difficulties are jokes, as usual, but Intermediate and Advanced will give you a run for your money!
Mac Games Rating RTDCFan (2/21/2007 - version 0.9b13)
To all downloaders/readers: This game has been finished for 3 weeks! We're just waiting for Joe Williams at Delta Tao and Mark Pierce at Super Happy Fun Fun to work out the details of releasing the game. If you want to see the full version of this game, send emails to both of them (do a google search, you'll find them instantly). Please TAKE ACTION, and we can all finally play this game that we've been waiting too long for. Thanks!
Mac Games Rating HellsBell (7/23/2005 - version 0.9b13)
They should just give the time it is finally released we'll all probably be dead.
Mac Games Rating A (5/30/2005 - version 0.9b12)
I gotta agree woth fast-sammy. Open source the code or something. Maybe the open source geeks can do something with this. It's taking waaaay too long.
Mac Games Rating fast-sammy (5/10/2005 - version 0.9b12)
It has potential, but nearly 8 freaking years in development? Release it or give up.
Mac Games Rating The Joker (5/9/2005 - version 0.9b12)
Um...what? This game has been on for years, LITERALLY. Every so often the publisher remembers "Oh shit! I was making a game, wasn't I?!" and makes some minimal update to this barely finished piece of junk. Why doesn't he either give up or just release the freakin' final version already? I think it's pretty insane that this title has been in the "demo" stages for over 3 years. This "demo" is hardly even playable. I'd call it more of a "demo of a demo" since there's more replay value in a game of Pong. Don't waste your time on this POS, since the final version obviously will never be released.
Mac Games Rating Rob (5/8/2005 - version 0.9b12)
Can't wait to have the full, final version... but at this pace... this little game won't be 'finished' until late 2009. I second the sentiment: WTF if taking so long!!!
Mac Games Rating jim (5/7/2005 - version 0.9b12)
wow this game sucks...who else is tired of seeing this popping up so often on macgamefiles? i think the people who like this r trying far to hard to enjoy retro gaming :-)
Mac Games Rating Tom (4/13/2005 - version 0.9b11)
WTF is taking so long!?

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