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Publisher Feral Interactive
Type Demo
License Demo
Date Added 12/13/2000
Size 55 MB
Downloads 91,353
Sim Theme Park Demo
Create and operate an amusement park

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Mac Games Rating Mr.Tired of it all (12/13/2000)
Pathetic. The demo won't even load after install. How difficult is it to make a working demo for a machine that fits all their damned requirements? I am forced to give it a big fat 0 (well, 1 in this case), and I won't even bother buying this load of shit.
Mac Games Rating silence (12/13/2000)
Absoluelly amazing port of a beautiful game. Don't be put off by the cartoony graphics this is a brilliant game. The "Sim" title is a little misleading - this isn't by Will Wright or Maxis (who did Sim City - this is by Peter Molyneux (Populous, Dungeon Kepper, Black & White..) and full of Molyneux touches. Get the demo.
Mac Games Rating ben (12/13/2000)
One Word: GREAT Itīs better Graphics than on my 900MHz Athlon GeForce2GTS...but also slower,anyway keep playable at 800*600 on my iBOOK SE 466.It ROCKS,Keep going on so,give us more great Mac.Games and the Mac will grow as you look on it! :-))) PS. for an D-Load link look in Forums at ,i`ve posted an ifo there ;-()
Mac Games Rating Catfood (12/13/2000)
Oh well, I want to ownload it but I can't! Hel, what#s going on??? Well, pretty good game on the screens ;)
Mac Games Rating Oliver Boese (12/13/2000)
Mac Games Rating David (12/12/2000)
Sim games are good or bad depending on their quality... ;)
Mac Games Rating jimmy (12/12/2000)
nobody can review because no is released
Mac Games Rating I hate froot loops (12/12/2000)
Sim games are great, end of discussion. And aside from some minor (extremely minor) annoyances with stupid janitors in the game, Sim Theme Park is just plain fun.
Mac Games Rating Fuse (12/12/2000)
This game looks awesome. And I'd really like to download it. If anyone managed to download this file, e-mail me:, and I'll arrange a hotline or FTP server to host the file so that others can download it as well.
Mac Games Rating Zazersmel (12/12/2000)
Huh, just because some people are bad at games.....

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Sim Theme Park Demo

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