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Publisher Feral Interactive
Type Demo
License Demo
Date Added 12/13/2000
Size 55 MB
Downloads 91,353
Sim Theme Park Demo
Create and operate an amusement park

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Mac Games Rating SimThemePark sucks (12/16/2000)
This game does not even fucking work...they have a crashing , non working piece of shit demo...are they fucking mad !!!!and they dont even let me give it a ZARO (0) !!!!!!! God dam this world is fucked up !
Mac Games Rating hellraiser (12/16/2000)
its game is so fucking tight dude download it i loved playing it even though it does crash once and while
Mac Games Rating Bobby of Cortana, WA (12/15/2000)
Mac Games Rating Frasman (12/15/2000)
It's a fun game.... Until it crashes 5 minutes later. A few months of bug testing would have done wonders.
Mac Games Rating Catfood (12/15/2000)
Hey Mosh...I crashed 5 times, but it's still fun. But I dunno why it crashs ?_?
Mac Games Rating Death on Impact (12/15/2000)
Great game. Although sluggish, its still pretty good. It crashed once over a play of a couple hours, but if you remotely like sims or played the original sim theme park, its a must have
Mac Games Rating Mosh (12/14/2000)
great fun, i would have given it a 5 but it's buggy (crashed me twice already) and it seems to run sluggish for no apparent reason (this is on a G4/400 256megs of Ram and an ATI 128 pro) Sometimes I wonder if it's even using my graphics card.
Mac Games Rating Catfood (12/14/2000)
I downloaded it today and it's COOL
Mac Games Rating Jimmy Joe Bob III (12/14/2000)
This game is so poor, the camera angles are terrible and it is not fun. Why didn't they just port Rollercoaster Tycoon?
Mac Games Rating Jason Bailey (MGF) (12/13/2000)
Simply the BEST theme park game ever!

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Sim Theme Park Demo

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