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Publisher Silicon Ice Development
Type Add-on
License Freeware
Version 4.1
Date Added 12/26/2007
Size 719 MB
Downloads This Version 19,027
Downloads of All Time 32,999
Urban Terror 4.1
Quake 3 realism mod

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Mac Games Rating BoNzO (10/2/2008 - version 4.1)
This game is surprisingly good. Is it like C-S for mac? Not really. But that's a good thing. It's much faster than counter-strike because there isn't a buying system. Check their website, there's a version of it there that doesn't need Quake 3 to play
Mac Games Rating Saurabh Sharma (2/10/2008 - version 4.1)
This is one sweet game. Really it is. It's amazing that something for free could be so good. It's absolutely addictive and fun and runs easily on old hardware. The developers have done a very good job.
Mac Games Rating James (12/26/2007 - version 4.1)
fun for a while, but gets old fast. and its.... not realism. its barely even semi-realistic. There is a standalone version of this mod, check their website.
Mac Games Rating yoo (11/2/2005 - version 3.0)
Mac Games Rating ... (8/3/2004 - version 3.0)
Try True Combat !
Mac Games Rating tom (8/18/2003 - version 3.0)
just the best Q3 mod !
Mac Games Rating S.p.i.d.e.r.cmg (8/12/2003 - version 3.0)
The best update for this great mod, ever, amooth anti-lag, better performance, I've played commercial games that deliver much less, and this, is completely free!
Mac Games Rating Dardan (8/12/2003 - version 3.0)
This was once a very fun mod, but the past two versions have not been very fun for some reason. I do agree with Conrad, for True Combat is a much better mod in my own opinion. I only wish True Combat had female models, so my girlfriend wouldn't mind playing it with me.
Mac Games Rating Mr. Reviews (8/11/2003 - version 3.0)
Lemme tell you guys something...not being intelligent enough to install it and thinking you've found another mod that's better are really not reason enough to rate it one joystick. Think before you post in the future. And please, use real words, full sentences, and PUNCTUATION.
Mac Games Rating Conrad Quilty (8/11/2003 - version 3.0)
Don't get this, get True Combat, much better.

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