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Urban Terror
Mac Games Details
Publisher Silicon Ice Development
Type Add-on
License Freeware
Version 4.1
Date Added 12/26/2007
Size 719 MB
Downloads This Version 19,033
Downloads of All Time 33,005
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Urban Terror 4.1

Urban Terror is a total conversion mod for Quake3. Urban Terror is a completely free add-on to Id Software's Quake 3 Arena.

Weapons included:

Combat Knife - it doesn't shoot, but it leaves a nasty mark. Generally this is the weapon you'll use as a last resort, OR if you're trying to sneak up on the enemy and take him out silently so his teammates don't pick up on your position.
The Beretta 92G - a standard in your arsenal. While you'll carry this weapon with you at all times, you might not always have the ammo for it.
The UMP45 Submachinegun - Quick, light, but carries a hefty punch. It's an all-around smart gun to use in any firefight.
The SPAS-12 Assault Shotgun - Like any shotgun, it's slow to load, but it's brutal at close range.
The G36 Assault Rifle - Action Quake 2 fans will likely think of this weapon as the M4 of Urban Terror.
The PSG1 Sniper Rifle - With a zoom scope of up to six magnifications, the sniper rifle is a personal favorite. Sure, you're camping, but what else are you going to do with a sniper rifle?!
H&K69 Grenade Launcher - For those of you who like to lob fruity gifts at your enemy.
and more!!


Kevlar Vest - stops those bullets before they hit skin. At least, you hope they do.
Laser Sight - Improves your aim. Very handy if you're not the surest of shots.
Bandolier - Allows you to carry more ammo than you normally would be able to.
Night Vision Goggles - Gives you the ability to see your enemy in darkness.
And more!!!

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Working IP ban system
Duplicate name protection (the trade of is that you can't use spaces in your name anymore though)
Removal of white skins
New/updated maps
Updated UI and default settings
/rcon players command, returning map/score and per player: name, team, score, ping, IP
No votes within first 60 seconds of a map
Bug fixes, like:
Fixed hit bug when crouching and moving
Several spawn locations fixed
Negev reload exploit fixed
Power slide physics exploit fixed
TDM scoreboard not updating fixed
in-game browser now remembers your sorting preferences
Short names won't mess up the healtbar anymore
A problem with blood (fps bug?) fixed
And some tweaks to weapon balance:
sr8 gets 5 bullets again, but unzooms when getting hit with 15% damage
spas does less damage and knockback when getting hit by it is lower
ump does more damage
psg back to 8 bullets and chest hits bleed out

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
Quake III Arena full version
MacOS 9 or higher

Mac Games Download

Urban Terror

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating BoNzO (10/2/2008 - version 4.1)
This game is surprisingly good. Is it like C-S for mac? Not really. But that's a good thing. It's much faster than counter-strike because there isn't a buying system. Check their website, there's a version of it there that doesn't need Quake 3 to play
Mac Games Rating Saurabh Sharma (2/10/2008 - version 4.1)
This is one sweet game. Really it is. It's amazing that something for free could be so good. It's absolutely addictive and fun and runs easily on old hardware. The developers have done a very good job.
Mac Games Rating James (12/26/2007 - version 4.1)
fun for a while, but gets old fast. and its.... not realism. its barely even semi-realistic. There is a standalone version of this mod, check their website.
Mac Games Rating yoo (11/2/2005 - version 3.0)
Mac Games Rating ... (8/3/2004 - version 3.0)
Try True Combat !

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