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Publisher Francois Menneteau
Type Shareware
License $37
Version 6.5.0
Date Added 5/2/2012
Size 16.5 MB
Downloads This Version 1,947
Downloads of All Time 7,259
RPGMapMaker 6.5.0
Tool for drawing maps with polygonal grids

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Registry Total: 8 Entries
Mac Games Rating Kamahawk (3/9/2004 - version 3.1.3)
Mac Games Rating Stew. (8/21/2003 - version 3.0.0)
If your a good artist this utility will be pretty good. It's also useful for anyone who plays tabletop games...especially DnD. Allows linking, which is cool. Wish the filters wernt as messed up tho.
Mac Games Rating Dude-Man(aka SeaN) (6/22/2003 - version 2.9.0)
This is good, but only for square grids only(sob) Maps look a little on the blocky side.
Mac Games Rating Nukka (5/30/2003 - version 2.9.0)
Mac Games Rating Zupa (1/23/2002 - version 1.2.0)
Nice utility... a lot of thought and work has gone into it. It doesn't have the best graphic resolution but it is a very useful program for table-top RPG type stuff.
Mac Games Rating anonymous (11/24/2001 - version 1.1.0)
No, it doesn't require a force quit to exit. A regular quit works for me. But anyway, now I can easily make maps for video games that I can submit to GameFAQs, and I don't have to use Adobe Photoshop to do so.
Mac Games Rating anon (9/26/2000)
While it has some nice features, it's still essentially a square grid map maker. The maps are at a fixed pixel resolution and look really blocky. I have had the app stop taking any input (including locking out the menus) and require a force quit to exit. IMO it's not worth the asking price.
Mac Games Rating Vocabulary Police (9/22/2000)
That's "hexagonal" not "hexadecimal".

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