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Publisher Francois Menneteau
Type Shareware
License $37
Version 6.5.0
Date Added 5/2/2012
Size 16.5 MB
Downloads This Version 1,940
Downloads of All Time 7,252
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RPGMapMaker 6.5.0

RPGMapMaker (previously HexMapMaker) is a tool for drawing maps with polygonal grids. This kind of maps are used in Role Playing Games, but of course you can design them for any other purposes.

In addition of having most of the capabilities of a real painting program (such as lines, rectangles, ovals and round rectangles, drawing and filling with color and pattern, text, rubber, pipettes tools, etc.), RPGMapMaker has also unique features that greatly simplifies the building of this kind of map, such as:

• Seven layers map. One layer for the grid, three pre allocated layers (one for color and drawing, one for terrain tiles and one for text and lines) and three extra layers (also one for drawing, one for terrain tiles and one for text and lines) that can be allocated on demand. This allows you for example to change a polygon color without loosing the terrain that lies on top of it, to build a map for the DM eyes only and a map for its players, etc.
• Layers manager. With it, you can allocate and free the three extra layers, choose which layer is visible and which layer is not, and select which layer is the active one (an active layer is a layer where drawing occurs).
• Various kind of grids. You can create a grid map made of hexes (well suited for world, region or village maps), or with squares (well suited for dungeon maps) or with lozenges (well suited for pseudo-3D castle and dungeon maps).
• Various dimension units. You can specify the map dimensions in either cm or m or km. Alternatively, you may prefer to use the ft, ya or mi dimension units.
• Grid polygon color filling in just two clicks (four if using patterns). One for selecting the color and one for selecting the filling area.
• Predefined terrains tiles. ÇRPGMapMakerÈ comes with several predefined libraries for building regions, villages, castles and dungeons. They are available in either black and white or in colors.
• Terrains editor. If you do not like the terrain tiles and want to modify them, the terrain editor is here for that purpose. Of course, if you are talented, you can also create terrain tiles from thin air!
• Sevent floating windows for speeding up repeating tasks.
• Line with arrows of various shapes. Also, you can add a distance between the ends of a line. The distance is automatically adjusted when you change the map dimension units.
• Drawing contexts. You can memorize up to 16 foreground colors, background colors and patterns for further utilization.
• Selective drag or clear. As the map is made of seven layers, you can specify which map layer(s) you want to drag or clear.
• Intelligent external drop. You can choose the portion of an external drop to insert into the map active drawing layer.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

version 6.5.0
[New] Streamlined GUI (Main window, Tools pallet, Terrains pallet, and Inks & Styles pallet)
[New] Darker theme for better readability.
[New] (Main window) Reduce default height to accommodate for potentially higher Terrains Pallet.
[New] (Terrains Pallet) More window size choices to allow displaying more tiles.
[New] Anti-alias for text (on by default).

[Chg] The Tools menu is gone. It has been replaced by a drawer in the Tools Pallet.
[Chg] (Inks & Styles pallet) There is now only two panes.
[Chg] The Font properties dialog is gone: use the Inks & Styles pallet instead.
[Chg] The markers font properties button is gone. Use the Inks & Styles Pallet instead.
[Chg] THe Dungeon Room numbers font properties button is gone. Use the Inks & Styles Pallet instead.
[Chg] You no longer can option-click in the main map to change the polygon shadow direction. Use the Tools pallet drawer instead.
[Chg] Text styles name cannot contain a '@' character.

[Imp] (Main window) Color Filling mode selection also works for grid polygon color filling.
[Imp] (Tools pallet) Color and pattern selection is more explicit.

[Fix] Maps with markers created with a text style or a name containing the '@' character can be opened again.
[Fix] (Map linking) Opening a link is working again.
[Fix] "Reveal Support Folder in Finder" menu item is working again.
[Fix] "Reveal Library in Finder" menu item is working again.
[Fix] (Fractal Terrain Generator) The archipelago algorithm now works for maps that are less than 512 pixels in one dimension..
[Fix] (Terrain Filling tool) now uses the current terrain effect.
[Fix] (Terrain pallet) undoing an operation on a terrain tile was not updated with the current terrain effect.

[Kis] You cannot add a shadow when using the Grid Polygon Color Filling tool with textures.

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Kamahawk (3/9/2004 - version 3.1.3)
Mac Games Rating Stew. (8/21/2003 - version 3.0.0)
If your a good artist this utility will be pretty good. It's also useful for anyone who plays tabletop games...especially DnD. Allows linking, which is cool. Wish the filters wernt as messed up tho.
Mac Games Rating Dude-Man(aka SeaN) (6/22/2003 - version 2.9.0)
This is good, but only for square grids only(sob) Maps look a little on the blocky side.
Mac Games Rating Nukka (5/30/2003 - version 2.9.0)
Mac Games Rating Zupa (1/23/2002 - version 1.2.0)
Nice utility... a lot of thought and work has gone into it. It doesn't have the best graphic resolution but it is a very useful program for table-top RPG type stuff.

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