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Publisher Titan Computer
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.02
Date Added 1/8/2001
Size 41 MB
Downloads 34,642
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division 1.02
An anime-inspired first-person shooter

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Mac Games Rating Bbmccoy (9/20/2000)
As I am not an anime fan, I gave it a four. The bad, the bugs, but, the effects and realistic enviroment are addictive, and more then make up for the bad. Bravo.
Mac Games Rating Arthur (9/18/2000)
Really poor quality: horrible graphics and poor controls. And of course provided with the usual bunch of OpenGL bugs. Was possibly a good game 2 years ago, but it's seriously outdated now!
Mac Games Rating Mac Jedi (9/18/2000)
Game looked nice, and the weapons were cool, but the game ran horrible on a G4/450 with 256MB RAM. It was choppy and difficult to control, and the game crashed whenever I tried to adjust certain audio settings. I would be a Lot happier if it was a Beta and not a Demo of a finished product.
Mac Games Rating macv (9/18/2000)
Rather buggy, even for a demo
Mac Games Rating Marc (9/17/2000)
Cool game. When the small bugs are removed it is a game worth buying.
Mac Games Rating Lee (9/17/2000)
You're better off searching the bargain bins for DOOM games and Duke Nukem 3D. They may be old, but they are still a lot more fun than this.
Mac Games Rating Graphite Addict (9/17/2000)
Gameplay seems like nothing new and I didn't realize I was in my "mech" even when I was walking around and blowing enemies up!(it's just like walking around regularly). The graphics are also notably note is that for the demo at least, a quick trigger finger is needed instead of a good strategy. The download is still worth it though if you have an ok connection, but trust me here, if you haven't already, download Deus Ex instead, now THAT is a game worth buying
Mac Games Rating Peter (9/17/2000)
Looks and plays great !
Mac Games Rating Bhellium (9/17/2000)
NO feeling
Mac Games Rating alex1800 (9/17/2000)
Anyone whow is a fan of the Moble Suit Gundam series, as I am, should love this game. But it is a little choppy on my G4/400, even at low detail settings. Hopefully these problems will be adressed in the final version.

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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

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