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Publisher Reactor 4
Type Add-on
License Free
Version Beta 4
Date Added 12/28/2000
Size 150 K
Downloads 10,452
MatrixMoves Beta 4
Allows a UT player to perform Matrix moves

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Registry Total: 8 Entries
Mac Games Rating Diarmuid Sheehan (1/7/2001 - version Beta 4)
Mac Games Rating Alan Eshelman (1/5/2001 - version Beta 4)
just putting in a "5" to help negate Ian Sammis' heart-felt yet misdirected review.
Mac Games Rating Ian Sammis (11/6/2000 - version Beta 3)
this is a rfucking shit fuker mod i hope none of u fuckers use it it made me want to fuck the nieghbours dog and shit it pack shiting dick to hell u mother fucers it fucking o nly runs at 40fps on my 7200/233mhz/256mb ram.. fucking shit u mother fuckers
Mac Games Rating The Deceiver (9/7/2000)
Mac Games Rating DIMA (8/3/2000)
One thing for or any publisher: The first download link to the .zip file requires a password. If you require one then please mention in in one of the previous pages or don't even ask for login.
Mac Games Rating Jeff Byrnes (7/11/2000)
I have a G4/450 128MB, & it works great! I have the graphics turned all teh way up too (although I'm running in 640x480 res). Also, i messed up the size (I submitted the file) it's only 74 K.
Mac Games Rating Rett Thanas (7/11/2000)
Great Idea, I wouldn't download it yet, it's unrealiable at best, and is disturbingly slow on just about any mac (even a G4 500), it's nothing about your computer just the mod was poorly coded. Wait until version 1.0 then I would HIGHLY reccomend it, unless you like taking five every double-jump or MATRIX move you make i would not download this yet.
Mac Games Rating cdingil (7/11/2000)
great mod...but the beta 2 causes my gameplay to freeze momentarily. I'm running a G4 with 412 mb...any ideas

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