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Publisher Weapons Factory Software
Type Add-on
License Freeware
Version 3.5b
Date Added 2/27/2003
Size 50 MB
Downloads 19,000
Weapons Factory Arena 3.5b
Weapons Factory Arena mod (Quake 3)

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Registry Total: 10 Entries
Mac Games Rating CDi-TrailBlazer (3/5/2003 - version 3.5b)
Hey, by the way... If you need help with this mod, feel free to go to irc server and go to channel's #WFA or #clan-cdi or even #macintosh. I'm usually there at night or someone else can probably help you too!!! Gogogogogogo lets see some mac peeps on the wfa pub servers hehehehe :P
Mac Games Rating Jesse{FU} (2/28/2003 - version 3.5b)
Probably the best FPS I have ever played. It has kept my attention for the better part of 2 years. I recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, intense CTF game.
Mac Games Rating Kami (2/28/2003 - version 3.5b)
This is an awesome mod for kids and adults. WFA has revolutionized the quake 3 mod world, by adding many new features to it: 9 different classes, new graphics only available in WFA, and a great community.
Mac Games Rating Joe Skunk (2/28/2003 - version 3.5b)
Imagine q3f with more classes, more eyecandy, more speed, and much much faster gameplay.
Mac Games Rating theXman (2/28/2003 - version 3.5b)
Weapons Factory arena is awsome i love this mod. Oh and thanks =)
Mac Games Rating CDi-TrailBlazer (12/11/2002 - version 3.5)
Download this mod for quake 3!! It rocks, I promise :] True class-based CTF gameplay with 9 different classes to choose from each with their own special weapons and ablilities TB
Mac Games Rating la canadienne (10/3/2001 - version 3.0b)
This mod ain't working on my comp. It's still a sweet game, tho. Maybe its cause I have a 100 series Pentium.
Mac Games Rating Matt (1/3/2001 - version 2.1)
Awesome mod. I like Q3f better, but still rocks IMHO.
Mac Games Rating Red Hot Ryan (8/13/2000)
Runs slower than Q3F
Mac Games Rating Paul A. (7/13/2000)
Weapons Factory rocks! If you liked Q3F, then you'll love this. It's like Q3F, but just more. More maps, more classes, more weapons, just more!

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WFA v3.5 Engine & Media Pack
WFA v3.5 Map Pack #1
WFA v3.5 Map Pack #2
WFA v3.5b Slab Fix (Requires WFA v3.5b)
WFA v3.5b Upgrade/Patch (Requires WFA v3.5)

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