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Publisher Casteel
Type Shareware
License $10.00
Version 11.3
Date Added 6/25/2012
Size 3.6 MB
Downloads This Version 5,158
Downloads of All Time 15,886
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Klondike 11.3

Klondike is the original solitaire game for Macintosh, originally written in 1984 for the first 128K Macintosh. Today's Klondike is System 7 and 8 friendly, 32-bit Addressing compatible, supports color or B/W, and runs on any Macintosh computer from the Plus to the PowerPC. It includes four different solitaire games. The latest version is a Carbon application and requires Mac OS X or Mac OS 8.5 or greater with CarbonLib. This version allows the game window to be expanded and enlarges the cards proportionally. A version is still available which is compatible with any Macintosh, from the Mac Plus running System 6.0.5 to the latest version of Mac OS X, but enlargement is not available.

Klondike is available in two versions: a PPC-only Carbon version, and a 'universal' version which will run on any Macintosh.

The latest version of Klondike is 8.0.1. It is a PPC-only version and requires Mac OS X or at least Mac OS 8.5 with CarbonLib installed. This version of Klondike allows the cards and layout to be expanded for easier viewing, if you have installed a suitable scalable font (see How to Play for details). A reduced-price upgrade registration is available for those who registered previously.

Klondike 7.7.1, while it does not support an expanded layout, will run on any MacOS computer running System 6.x or later, including Mac OS X with Aqua (thanks to Eric Grant, author of FATCarbon, which allows Klondike to function as either a Carbon or Classic application automatically). Version 7.7.1 has been tested on System 6.x with the Mac Plus, and has been enhanced for compatibility with MacOS X and Aqua.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 11.3:

* Graphics updated to improve appearance on Retina Display
* Shareware version signed for compatibility with GateKeeper
* Disallow move to empty Play pile in Golf
* Disable clicking on Deck or Play during turn up
* Corrected problem where shuffle sound would not play and cards would not deal

Mac Games System Requirements

Intel Required
Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Mac Games Download

Klondike (Intel Only)
Klondike (v7.7.1 Pre OS X)
Klondike (v9.1 for OS X)

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Justin (5/22/2005 - version 9.1)
I paid for this shareware game when I used it on the MacPlus. It is fun from a nostalgic point of view, since it looks and sounds the same (OK, now there is color).
Mac Games Rating dex (4/5/2005 - version 9.1)
Who cares if this game is one of the OLDEST solitaire games on the Mac, it simply is an embarrasment. After 20 years of development you'd think the author would add a game or two.
Mac Games Rating MacProject (4/4/2005 - version 9.1)
I've always enjoyed Casteel's version of Klondike over any of the others. Interesting to note that this may be THE oldest still-supported shareware game for the Mac OS with the first version coming out in 1984. Amazing in this day and age and worth the reasonable $10 fee just for the staying power alone!
Mac Games Rating Trish (7/17/2003 - version 8.0.1)
Expensive. Horrible design interface. Worst solitaire game I've ever come across.
Mac Games Rating why? (8/10/2002 - version 7.7.1)
Low rating is for high payment.

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