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Publisher Big Time Software
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.02
Date Added 7/1/2000
Size 31 MB
Downloads 17,240
Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord 1.02
A 1-2 player, turn-based, 3D war simulation

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Mac Games Rating Cros christophe (5/18/2000)
Great gameplay, very addictive. But the Interface graphics are ugly, and the 3d engine for the game is a bit outdated.(no lightings effects, textures are a bit simple).
Mac Games Rating Dan Brown (5/16/2000)
My honest opinion is that Combat Mission is the best thing to happen in the Mac community since 1984. I have played the beta demo (now replaced with the full demo) more than any full game I've ever owned.
Mac Games Rating Danno (5/16/2000)
You are quietly moving through a thick forest towards the enemy posistion. Distant artillery rumbles as birds chirp overhead. Suddenly, the shout of "incoming!" from one of your men and everyone hits the dirt as shells start landing all around you and bursting in the tree tops! You have to make a decision now, you have men screaming in pain, dead on the ground and others on the verge of panic. All the while the enemy pounds your posistion, the ground shakes and you are sweating it out. This could be the real thing or it could be Combat Mission. Never have I been drawn into game like hav
Mac Games Rating Doug Beman (5/16/2000)
CombatMission is the first game in a long time that I will play constantly even if I never win a single battle. The overall flexibility of the system is phenomenal. The variety of combat units available for command is staggering, each modeled in painstaking detail. Your success/failure depends on your skill, your troops, and luck, rather than following a "formula" from a guidebook. This is THE game for WW2 buffs, but its appeal will stretch beyond that time period due to its skilful design. Anybody who enjoys the challenge of marshalling his forces to "take that hill!" will love Combat Mission
Mac Games Rating Scoop88 (5/16/2000)
I've been playing World War II strategy games on boards and on computers since the early days of Avalon Hill in the mid-1960s, and Combat Mission is the finest I've ever played. Incredible realism. Easy to play. But tough to win!
Mac Games Rating Mike Adams (5/16/2000)
I have been creating, playtesting and playing wargames since 1970, so I have seen a wide range of games, both in scope and quality. After spending considerable time with CM, I have to say I think this is probably the best game of its type I have seen. It combines enormous detail, superb graphics and total ease of play better than I have seen anywher else.
Mac Games Rating Germanboy (5/16/2000)
This must be the most incredible game coming out for the Mac in a long long time! Since the release of the Beta demo in October, I have not touched another game, and I am not an avid wargamer. The immersion level is extremely high, underlying simulation models are great, graphics and 3D gameplay are a major departure for wargaming. Even if you are not into wargaming, give this one a go. You won't be disappointed.
Mac Games Rating Ben (5/15/2000)
The Combat Mission demo is an exceptional amount of fun. If you're interested in World War II games in the slightest, I'd highly recommend you check this one out. With the full game due soon, with tons of vehicles, troop types, and lots of battles. Even better, it comes with both a random battle generator and the full scenario designer that Big Time Software used to make the original scenarios. Check this one out for sure, and remember that the full game won't be on store shelves, it'll only be available at www.bat
Mac Games Rating tom w (5/15/2000)
You have never seen anything like this from the point of view realistically modeling WW II tank level and squad level combat. Have you always dreamt that you should be able to conceal you units/troops location from your opponent until they open fire? Well thats just one of the GREAT feaures of this true 3D game, where LOS and LOF are determined with pin point accuracy. If you like tatics and stratedgy and realism in your wargames you'll LOVE this one! -Tom w
Mac Games Rating Patrick Lucero (5/15/2000)
Great game and the 3d effects are stunning for this wargame. You can't compare the graphics quality to Quake or Unreal as the area of coverage is much larger in CM tha a 1st person shooter. This is a company size tactical wargame where units can includes 3 inf. platoons several supporting heavy weapons platoons, tanks, off board artillery support etc. It's a more involved game than Close Combat could ever be as you can go from a birdseye view to an over the shoulder look on individual units. Plus the AI is certainly more challenging and dyanmic than the CC AI.

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Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord

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