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Quake 3 Fortress
Mac Games Details
Publisher Q3F
Type Add-on
License Free
Version 2.3
Date Added 11/10/2003
Size 140 MB
Downloads 20,080
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Quake 3 Fortress FAQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about Q3F
Quake 3 Fortress 2.3

Quake 3 Fortress is a modification (MOD) to the fantastic game 'Quake 3 Arena.' The goal with the ongoing development of Q3F is to modify the multi-player aspects of Quake 3 to create a much more team-oriented experience when playing on the Internet, on gaming networks or with friends across a LAN.

This is achieved through the implementation of different player classes with unique weapons, strengths and abilities. A large part of the team-play aspect comes from Q3F's support for several game-objective possibilities, which include 'Capture the Flag', 'Command Point' and 'Capture and Hold' styles of play.

• Five possible game-play styles including CTF, Command Point and Capture and Hold
• Six new maps including updated versions of several world famous levels
• Sixteen Weapon Types, including eleven new to Quake 3
• Ten Unique Player Classes each with specific strengths and abilities
• Eight grenade types with new special effects
• Completely redesigned Heads Up Display
• Tons of new models, artwork and sound effects
• Over 50 new commands and cvars
• $Var Communications geared to enhancing team-play
• Real-time WAV communications allowing team-wide sounds• User Configurable Menus
• Fully documented, powerful custom and extended entities
• Q3F game-play tweaked with the support of 40 clans world-wide
• Q3F servers tested by of over 20 ISPs and Clans

This is a new full install, replacing the need to download 7 different patches to play. However, if you already have Q3F Beta 1G installed, download only the upgrade patch below.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

• Six new maps
• Four updated Maps from Beta 1
• Fixed bugs
• Game play adjustments

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
• Quake III Arena 1.31b5

Mac Games Download

Quake 3 Fortress 2.0
Quake 3 Fortress 2.1 Update
Quake 3 Fortress 2.2 Update
Quake 3 Fortress 2.3

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating utn (6/20/2002 - version 2.2)
I've played this game for a long time and it still is very very good and fun...only thing is, the new version has some problems.
Mac Games Rating ? (6/19/2002 - version 2.2)
Something f*cked up. Dialog boxes are almost all white. Tons of graphic screw ups. This game was fine the last time I played it, where did it go wrong in 2.2?
Mac Games Rating ZOJOjabo (3/13/2001 - version Beta 1H)
i cant get the bloody thing open (full version). There is an error every time saying its garbled.

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