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UT: HolyWars
Mac Games Details
Publisher Flatware Design
Type Add-on
License Free
Version 102
Date Added 5/19/2000
Size 4 MB
Downloads 6,272
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UT: HolyWars website - Visit the UT: HolyWars website for more information
UT: HolyWars 102

HolyWars is a mod for Unreal Tournament (and other games). In this game everyone fights for the Halo. From the start, everyone is a Sinner. A Sinner is not allowed to shoot at other Sinners. Twenty seconds into the game, the Halo will spawn somewhere. The first person to pick it up will be the Saint.

Everyone should try to kill the Saint. The Saint should try to kill everyone else. When the Saint dies, the Halo is dropped. The person who picks it up will then be the next Saint, and so it continues. If nobody picks up the Halo within ten seconds, it will disappear to spawn at its original "spawnpoint."

The result is a furious "one-against-everyone-else."

To prevent people from ruining the game for others, a Sinner who kills other Sinners will soon become a Heretic. A Heretic cannot shoot other Sinners, only the Saint. Everyone else should kill the Heretics to get easy frags. The only way to get normal again is to pick up the Halo. A Saint is automatically freed from his sins.

The file to download is compressed as a PC zip file. Stuff-it Expander should be able to "unzip" it without any problems. The Read me file included with the mod will instruct you to "unzip the zipfile into the UnrealTournament/System/ directory. It should now show up in 'Start Practice Session' and 'Start New Multiplayer Game'."

This new version includes new maps, a new scoring system, a pair of new gameplay options, and a bunch of bug fixes.

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic Only
Mac OS 8.6
Unreal Tournament

Mac Games Download

UT: Holy Wars 102 (.umod-file)
UT: HolyWars 102 (No .umod)

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