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Publisher ynohtnA
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Date Added 4/20/2000
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Super Sneakers

The SuperSneaker mutator provides three seperate areas of functionality all controllable from the `SuperSneaker' dialog on UT's mod menu.

Silent Footsteps:
When this checkbox is ticked players (and bots) will not make movement sounds. Silent movement is quite a contentious issue in the gaming scene, but personally I find silent movement makes one-on-one matchs far more interesting. As there is no aural clue to the opponents location enemy prediction becomes a more significant factor in the outcome, and the game tends to become faster and more intense because neither player feels the need to reduce their movement speed by walking to minimise footstep volume. However, there are gamers who disagree with this analysis and prefer being able to hear where their opponents are. Whatever you prefer, simply tick or untick the checkbox with your desire.

Falling Damage Percentage:
This slider controls how much of UTs normal damage a player will suffer when falling to the ground. The range is adjustable from zero all the way up to 200% (twice the usual damage will be applied), in increments of 5%. I usually have this control set to around 30% as I feel the default game settings take off too much health and thus discourage the exhilirating rush of jumping down from a great height on an opponent whilst discharging large weapons. Sure, it's not realistic but neither is firing off rockets down narrow corridors.

Rocket Jumping:
This checkbox controls whether the SuperSneakers will assist players in rocket-jumping. When checked the mutator will reduce the damage taken by a player who has fired a rocket at the ground beneath them whilst jumping (or, alternatively has jumped over an exploding grenade) and simultaneously increase the momentum applied from the explosion. Rocket jumping is great fun, and can be very useful tactically (propelling yourself away from action, onto a ledge/powerup, or simply to show off!).

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Classic Only
Unreal Tournament

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Super Sneakers

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