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Publisher Al Staffieri Jr.
Type Tool
License $20
Version 3.9.95
Date Added 8/15/2011
Size 1.6 MB
Downloads This Version 3,253
Downloads of All Time 21,401
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GameMaker 3.9.95

GameMaker is an easy to use card based development system which allows you to create simple adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text. There is no programming required, but it does have a small programming language which can be used to make better games. Just draw the pictures, type some text, click a few buttons, choose some options... and PRESTO, an adventure game is completed! You can then compile your game into a real stand-alone application that can be uploaded to online services.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 3.9.95:

* FIX: Clicking on Al's Home Page in the Internet menu was not correctly linking to the page.
* FIX: In OS X 10.6 after accessing external files, a "Can't access temporary file" error would occur causing GameMaker to not be able to save the project.
* FIX: When importing graphics files, all files are now shown as available for importing.

Mac Games System Requirements

Mac OS 8.6 or later with CarbonLib 1.4 or later
Mac OS X 10.1 or later

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GameMaker Demo

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating occ (5/1/2011 - version 7.5.41)
Actually, FearlessHen hit the major nail on the head -- it's not the tools, its putting in the time and the labor to actually finish something. I've literally wasted years by endlessly changing languages, platforms, worrying about whether I was using the "right" tools -- its an easy trap to fall into. Bottom line, the #1 reason most games don't get finished has nothing to do with the tools -- it's because people don't finish them. Break a leg!
Mac Games Rating Gnome (8/6/2008 - version 3.9.9)
At First, all I thought I could make were "Point and Click" games, and I thought "Well this sucks" Then I learned the language. With a Little Creativity I was making side scrolling shooters, and keyboard controlled RPG's similar to Pokemon's Build. I've tried other languages and found out that all of the basic syntax is very similar to GameMaker's. I now know BASIC and a little C.
Mac Games Rating James (1/18/2008 - version 3.9.9)
making a first person shooter with this....? if its even possible it would look worse than wolfenstein3d. let us know when this "fps" is finished.
Mac Games Rating FearlessHen (12/12/2007 - version 3.9.8)
You guys are very harsh. It is a great program for people new to the world of game making. You probably think it is bad because you haven't taken the time to learn the script language. Even though it is a simplified version of BASIC. BASIC stands for easy , it is a simplified version of BASIC. How easy could it get. Also your totally under estimating it. Rate know I am working on a first person shooter using game maker. If you guys could stick with something and learn it you would have different opinions. I bet you didn't spend 1 hour with it. You have know idea what it is capable of. Next time think about before you post. Also saying that the author "has no talent" is just silly it's not like your out there making programs any better. He is awesome. If you post a question in the forums he answers it every time and it usually takes at tops 1 day for him to answer. And the 20 bucks for an awesome program like Gamer Maker is AWESOME + it offers a great tool kit and is update lots.
Mac Games Rating Den (8/11/2006 - version 3.9.2)
Very well-conceived game maker for someone interested in a card-based system. Lots of possibilities once you get into it.

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