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Publisher HearMe
Type Tool
License Beta
Version 1.0b4
Date Added 10/25/2000
Size 1 MB
Downloads 3,588
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Roger Wilco Mac web site - Visit the Roger Wilco Mac web site for more information
Roger Wilco 1.0b4

Roger Wilco is a real-time voice application allowing you to communicate with many users across the Internet without the need for dedicated servers. Roger Wilco is frequently used for multiplayer gaming, enhancing the immersion experience and more importantly, giving you an advantage over other players who are restricted to text-based communication.

Using Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco is a simple application to use. One person is the Host computer and Creates a channel. Others wishing to communicate Join to that channel. You may Join by specifying the Host's IP address or domain name. Most users will not have a domain name and you'll Join them by specifying their IP address. Typically they'll communicate their IP address to you by some text method - text chat within a game, IRC, email, etc.

It's important to point out that bandwidth of the stations is not very important. That is to say, your friend with the high-speed cable modem doesn't have to be the host. Even if you're on a modem you can host the channel.

The Mac version of Roger Wilco is being developed and supported as a volunteer effort. The upside of this is that it is offered as freeware. The downside is that email support will not be offered.

Be sure to check their list of recommended microphones and accessories as well as their list of games that work with Roger Wilco for the Mac.

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic Only
PowerPC Macintosh (earlier models will not work)
Mac OS System 7.1 or later
2 MB disk space
2 MB free memory
Sound Manager 3.2 or higher (if you don't have it, update Quicktime to get it)

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Roger Wilco 1.0b4

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating CipherWave (10/2/2002 - version 1.0b4)
RogerWilco is not being developped anymore. I emailed their producers and they said they aren't working on it and don't plan to do it nor bring it to OS X.... grrrr
Mac Games Rating Durunda7 (3/27/2002 - version 1.0b4)
Well... it goes to say that this version of Roger Wilco sucks, to be blunt. It hardly works with the current pc version of Roger Wilco, and its quite buggy. But it is, in fact, a beta. And it looks like a lot of time and development has been put into this. Too bad it's all in vain.
Mac Games Rating Birdman (10/27/2000 - version 1.0b4)
I have been on the Beta test team for Mac Roger Wilco since the get go. Wade Williams has done an outstanding job of bringing Roger Wilco to the Mac. What's more is he has done it in his 'spare time' and his want to see a comparable product on the Mac. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Having Roger Wilco allows much more complicated play and tactics to be utilized. But GET it and USE it, you won't be sorry!!

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