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Publisher Sentry Studios
Type Add-on
License Freeware
Version 2.90
Date Added 12/23/2003
Size 532 MB
Downloads 11,950
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Infiltration 2.90

Infiltration is an immersion into realism, driven by intense military combat, in a squad-based, mission-oriented shooter. Each of those missions brings the distinctive taste of multifaceted warfare in any environment you can imagine.

You will choose your gear prior to the mission, based on the kind of soldier you want to be. Decide from a cache of modern-day weapons, keeping in mind the size and weight of the equipment and how much you can carry. Each mission will allow you to become a unique soldier, based on the equipment and skill you contribute to the tasks at hand.

The different venues you will be called into won't have weapons and ammunition lying about. You must bring in what you can carry, and salvage what you need from comrades or the enemy.

We give you the tools to do the job. How you do it is up to you. Take the skills you learn in one battle to help you with future missions and objectives. If you become a talented sniper, it's because you develop the skill to use the weapon and tactics properly and effectively.

Keep in mind that these bullets are for real. One well placed shot, and you are out! Use common sense, pay attention to detail, and watch your buddy's back. The essence of teamwork separates the winners from the dead.

Take your missions seriously, and move with diligence. Running around aimlessly will only put your team, and the entire mission, at risk. Play it smart, and you might come out of this alive.

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
• Unreal Tournament 436
• UMOD Installer

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Mac Games

Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack #1 - Add-on package for (Unreal Tournament) (Add-on, 13 MB)

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating James (10/21/2006 - version 2.90)
who ever voted 1 on this because they were to retarded to get it to work right is a moron. this mod is so awesome, so much detail. love the weps and the free aim system. great mod......
Mac Games Rating igni ferroque (4/24/2004 - version 2.90)
An excellent mod, and the one true "realism" mod for Unreal Tournament. This is best played on OS 9 because the Carbon port of Unreal Tournament is painfully sluggish.
Mac Games Rating OVW (12/24/2003 - version 2.90)
Been playing this mod since the 2.7 days and THIS is a work of ART! Absolutely amazing, and I spend FAR too much time dead. If you can't get your INF to launch visit the troubleshooting forum here: Be warned you will need a fast connection and a fast machine.
Mac Games Rating Fearless BOB (9/21/2002 - version 2.86)
Great mod, but where is the INF. web site???
Mac Games Rating †GEEZER† (10/6/2001 - version 2.85.5)
I think it's ok. But requires hefty system requirements. Unless you have a G4, this is worthless. I think that Tactical Ops is way better.

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