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Publisher Brad Oliver
Type Tool
License Freeware
Version 0.102u5
Date Added 12/28/2005
Size 11.6 MB
Downloads 20,306
MacMAME 0.102u5
Plays over 2,500 classic arcade games

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Mac Games Rating nytu (10/16/2008 - version 0.102u5)
Mac Games Rating matt (10/21/2006 - version 0.102u5)
can someone please explain how to get this to run smoothly? i have an iBook G4 that runs at 1GHz with 640 MB of this too slow? or maybe some settings to mewss with? i have ROMS but cant play them with any enjoyabliity any help would be great!
Mac Games Rating PAVEL007 (5/17/2005 - version 0.96u1)
Finally more stable than previous version. Now even ever more games are functioning! I feel obliged to donate $$$...!!!
Mac Games Rating Xavier (5/10/2005 - version 0.96u1)
Mac Games Rating the antidote to stupidity (5/4/2005 - version 0.96)
All of five paragraphs into the file named "Read me first - no, really!", it says this: "You can also use aliases to store your ROMs (or any MacMAME folders) anywhere you'd like, with the provision that you place an appropriately-named alias in ~/Documents/MacMAME/"
Mac Games Rating Paul (12/28/2004 - version 0.87)
Do I HAVE TO copy all my roms into my home folder???? That's more than 5 GB in rom data !!! I don't have that much space on my startup partition.... Is there any way that I can manualy load the roms? Or do I have to go back to version 0.77u2a Please solve this problem.
Mac Games Rating Fumetsu (9/23/2004 - version 0.87)
Greatest emulator ever! Thanks Brad Oliver! You can find all the ROMs at It is down sometimes but when it is up it is great. ;)
Mac Games Rating Ghostdog (9/23/2004 - version 0.87)
Finally, I've been waiting so long for this update =) It's a great piece of software, a must have. Unfortunately I can't change the game keys. 0.87 crashes everytime I try to edit them.
Mac Games Rating Col Recon (5/9/2004 - version 0.74u2)
this is a great piece of software for all you coin op junkies
Mac Games Rating Mr. Reviews (7/24/2003 - version
It works. It does everything you want. If you can't find the ROMs, you don't deserve to be on the Internet. In fact, the only feature I miss is OpenGL support (or possibly Metal Slug 4 support), and I'd bet that that one will be back soon.

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