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Escape Velocity
Mac Games Details
Publisher Ambrosia Software
Type Shareware
License $20
Version 1.0.5
Date Added 4/24/2000
Size 5 MB
Downloads 5,890
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Escape Velocity web site - Visit the Espace Velocity web site for more information on this game.
Escape Velocity 1.0.5

Escape Velocity spans a number of genres, combining elements of classic "trading" games, arcade space shoot-outs, and strategy simulations. Whether you choose to build a trading empire, aid the Rebellion in a civil war, or strike out on your own as a ruthless pirate, Escape Velocity provides a multitude of options for the game connoisseur. This open-ended gameplay allows each player to chart their own course as they play; there's no "right" way to play Escape Velocity, as long as you have fun!

Numerous sub-plots fill Escape Velocity's world; your choices affect the story's development, guaranteeing that each game will be different from the last. You'll have the opportunity to infiltrate hostile military bases, ferry emergency supplies to distant star systems, rescue passengers from stranded cruise ships, stop alien invaders, and more. In addition, Escape Velocity sports an open game engine. Future scenario designers will be able to create their own worlds for other players to explore...

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic Only
6mb RAM
PPC or 68K
13" or larger monitor

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Escape Velocity 1.0.5

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating brian (7/16/2004 - version 1.0.5)
this game is great, i have it on some old macs and it runs perfectly...but its a bit hard to understand controls at i own the whole the whole galaxy, ade the rebellion, and own the strongest ship with many illegal and secret upgrades great game for older systems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mac Games Rating Duck (10/30/2002 - version 1.0.5)
One of the best 3rd person space-games i've ever played. Starting from the small Shuttle I have worked my way up to a Reb Crusier on steroids. You can take over planets for money, but the game loses it's novelty eventually and finding the right planet to land on to move particular pieces of the plot along is hard. Gotta love the big ol' planet battles, though.
Mac Games Rating person (6/20/2002 - version 1.0.5)
freakin awesome! totally addictive! a classic mac game 4.2 billion thumbs up
Mac Games Rating keith (5/26/2002 - version 1.0.5)
I agree w/ Enigma! greatest game to ever come out for the mac! so much plot in an older game is amazing. So much great everything! GET THIS GAME (PC sux) muaha
Mac Games Rating Derrick (3/19/2002 - version 1.0.5)
This is the greatest game

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