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Publisher Ambrosia Software
Type Shareware
License $25
Version 1.2.0
Date Added 4/12/2001
Size 10 MB
Downloads 4,228
Ares 1.2.0
Blend of action and strategy in uncharted space

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Mac Games Rating A. Random (3/8/2002 - version 1.2.0)
Very addictive in online play, and good missions and scenario editor; download it now and register!
Mac Games Rating David (11/2/2001 - version 1.2.0)
Mac Games Rating (10/8/2001 - version 1.2.0)
I am only giving this game two joysticks because it is basically the same as Ambrosia's other space/strat game Escape Velocity Overide, only this one sucks. You aren't free to plot and plan your own strategies like in EVO and the controls are more difficult and not arranged as well as the could be making it difficult to play sometimes. The graphics are alright. Unless you have a high speed connection this game isn't worth the time it takes to download.
Mac Games Rating Mr E (4/29/2001 - version 1.2.0)
Another very good game from ambrosia. Brilliant multiplayer modes. Single player is however limited. New mission editor "Hera" will allow developers to create new scenarios which will help Ares to live on.
Mac Games Rating ted (4/17/2001 - version 1.2.0)
ares is the best!!!!!!!!!!!
Mac Games Rating Holmes (4/15/2001 - version 1.2.0)
Ares is a great game both single and multi player. Especially multi player. I love taking command of a huge carrer and having tons of ships body gaurd me while I destoy the enemy (my friend Bob's) armada. Fun!
Mac Games Rating Graphite Addict (4/13/2001 - version 1.2.0)
Yet another quality game by Ambrosia with quite addictive gameplay. A masterful blend of action and strategy. The only things I didn't like: there are not enough single player levels come with the game and the internet games consume horrid amounts of bandwidth, making my 26.4 connection not enough (does v 1.2 fix some of the lag?).
Mac Games Rating Luke Edwards (3/20/2001 - version 1.1.1)

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Ares 1.2

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