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Publisher Playmaker Football
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 2.4
Date Added 4/28/2004
Size 1 MB
Downloads 9,410
Playmaker Football 2.4
Legendary football simulation for the Macintosh

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Registry Total: 10 Entries
Mac Games Rating JOE MAMA (1/6/2006 - version 2.4)
Mac Games Rating Dennis D (1/28/2005 - version 2.4)
If you think you know football, put your head in the game and try out this fantastic simulation. Having the ability to draw great plays, learning from veteran coaches, and making them better is what this game has to offer. If you like football, give it a try!
Mac Games Rating CoachDread (1/25/2005 - version 2.4)
Hands down the best coaching simulation available. If you're into the strategy of coaching and the competition of league play, this game cannot be beat. I've been addicted to this game for 10 years now. How many games have kept your attention for 1 yr, much less 10? A must-have for any football fan!
Mac Games Rating kfwest (1/23/2005 - version 2.4)
Simply the best simulation of football coaching available. Design your own plays, enjoy league play, and take the skill of ones thumbs out, while putting all of the brain power in. Superb game.
Mac Games Rating fulgin (1/23/2005 - version 2.4)
This game is awesome and the numerous leagues at are the top. There is no other simuation out there with anywhere near as good of competition. Best game on the net for over 10 years.
Mac Games Rating dabricots (6/23/2004 - version 2.4)
This game is awesome. Most addictive game I've ever played. Join a league at - you'll have more fun and following the limits on play design in the league rules makes the gameplay closer to "real". PMFB is not a twitch game; your reflexes don't matter. The only thing on the line is your mind. The graphics are barebones, it's true, but if you need visuals then this really isn't the game for you.
Mac Games Rating James Ransom (4/29/2004 - version 2.4)
I wish it were carbonized. Overall this is a fun little football game (although it doesn't really play very accurately). When will they come out with a decent baseball game for the mac!!
Mac Games Rating lucas (4/3/2003 - version 2.3)
Mac Games Rating EDU (3/10/2001 - version 2.3)
Mac Games Rating vd Pols (8/5/2000)
it whould be much better if it was in 3D

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Playmaker Football 2.4

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