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Publisher GraphSim
Type Demo
License Demo
Date Added 4/23/2000
Size 48 MB
Downloads 19,327
Descent 3
Innovative 360-degree, 3D shoot-em-up game

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Mac Games Rating phish phlot (4/23/2005)
Mac Games Rating Boblord (10/25/2004)
Great game.
Mac Games Rating Someone (3/25/2002)
Don't diss it because you have an ancient Mac. This puppy's in the mail to me right now. 1 and 2 rocked, and from the demo, this one beats them both.
Mac Games Rating Vertigo 1 (1/15/2002)
this is the best game in the univers
Mac Games Rating Benjamin (8/16/2001)
I love the descent 3 demo. The graphics are absolutely amazing! It loads quickly and is one of the best first-person shooters that I have played, (rivals quake 3) The only problem is that it is a little difficult to play without a joystick. But I have learned to handle it using my mouse and keyboard. Descent 3 demo is loads of fun and totally addicting!
Mac Games Rating Mr Bongowongo (7/3/2001)
Don't hang around babbeling on about the demo, go out and buy the game! (I already have) Of course, you could subscribe to Mac Game CD if you want them both.
Mac Games Rating anonymous (5/20/2001)
downloading it this second. . . voodoo 5 5500 pci should work well with full screen anti aliasing!
Mac Games Rating ted (4/17/2001)
one of the best games
Mac Games Rating Nagromme (1/17/2001)
The ultimate multiplayer FPS. Mouselook is easier than stick control.
Mac Games Rating Juicesta (12/31/2000)
very fun

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Descent 3

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