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Publisher Activision
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.0
Date Added 4/23/2000
Size 46 MB
Downloads 47,545
Quake 3: Arena 1.0
Next generation first person shooter

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Mac Games Rating gnadmeistre (8/23/2007 - version 1.0)
feel the burn
Mac Games Rating L66 (10/23/2004 - version 1.0)
Perfect, much more fun as UT. It runs like a charm on an iMac DV 400 already. I still can play this game for hours on a LAN with some friends.
Mac Games Rating apple-user (6/18/2004 - version 1.0)
VERY GOOOOOOOOOD GAME ! download this ! it runs very fast on my iMac 233 MHZ !
Mac Games Rating Andrew (7/27/2003 - version 1.0)
Hmmmmmm... Yes! lets kill time and lose our mind in a brainless melee of blood and guts! (gross blood splatters) This is a dumb game! If you like unneccesary gore, a big killing fest with stupid sounds, and wierd character models, you'll like thisó it's just dumb!
Mac Games Rating moocluck (6/25/2003 - version 1.0)
this game is great!!!! The demo does not have much of a single player mode but it's multiplyer makes up for all of that and more but takes time to attually get able to keep up
Mac Games Rating Taylor Schwickert (3/19/2003 - version 1.0)
Alright, I finally got to playing the game and it turns out that it really does suck...
Mac Games Rating Taylor Schwickert (12/1/2002 - version 1.0)
Mr.Bongowongo is probaly just mad because he sucks at playing Quake 3 trust me this game is a must have. Buy it. And Im guessing from Yoda's review, that he hasn't even played the game.
Mac Games Rating Traci L (11/26/2002 - version 1.0)
Very good graphics, but the game is way too fast for me. Same thing for Unreal Tournament, which has a somewhat better game play, but no such great graphics (note that I only tried solo plays, for I am just an occasional gamer, not a hardcore one...)
Mac Games Rating Mr Bongowongo (9/28/2002 - version 1.0)
I must apolagise. My previous review was immature and though I still don't like Quake III much at all, it has got it's good points. The graphics are superb, though you need a monstorous machine to take full advantage of them. The options are good and flexible for those of us who have slower machines. The sound is also great, with every sound sounding like it came from it's source on the screen (or behind you) but the gameplay is still far too simplistic and is therefore more suited to people new to computer gaming. If you are not new to gaming and want a more skill-based game, play Unreal Tournament.
Mac Games Rating Cartooncrackpot (5/15/2002 - version 1.0)
I guess it's a great shooter for others but I failed to have fun with this. The action is way too fast rendering many of the weapons useless to those without the maddest of skills. All my frags are lucky frags. To me UT is both more fun, more skillbased and more beautiful than Q3. Sorry quakers.

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Quake 3: Arena Demo 1.0

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