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Publisher Pangea Software
Type Shareware
License $15
Version 1.3.4
Date Added 10/20/2000
Size 18 MB
Downloads 221,398
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Nanosaur 1.3.4

Nanosaur is a 3D game from Pangea Software, Inc. which cutting edge technology and makes use of Apple's QuickDraw 3D technology. The game was not designed for hard-core gamers, but rather it was meant to be played by the "average" Macintosh user. It is a visually stunning game which is easy to play even by people who don't normally play games.

The story behind Nanosaur is that you are a dinosaur (a Nanosaur to be exact) from the future who has traveled back in time to collect the eggs of 5 dinosaur species before the giant asteroid hits the earth. The "primitive" dinosaurs will attack you as you try to get their eggs, but just remember that it's for their own good that you blast them into oblivion!

Nanosaur Extreme is the same game as Nanosaur except that there are about 5 times as many enemies and weapons. This is what Nanosaur was meant to be - a total kill fest of dinosaurs and weaponry!

The recommended system requirements for this version of Nanosaur are fairly high. If you do not have these requirements, don't bother. Just get the original Nanosaur (see below).

ATI Rage 128
64 MB RAM (recommend 96 MB)

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Mac Games System Requirements

Classic Only
3D accelerator card with at least 4MB of VRAM
603 PowerMacs or newer
At least 120 MHz

Mac Games Download

Nanosaur 1.3.4
Nanosaur Extreme 1.3.4

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating chivas (3/22/2008 - version 1.3.4)
Mac Games Rating mareon vaughns (8/9/2007 - version 1.3.4)
havent played 1 but by 2 is real good so one have 2 be good
Mac Games Rating will (8/5/2006 - version 1.3.4)
god this game used to annoy me, i cud only eva get the first two types of egg, then i was stuck. but still a fantastic game
Mac Games Rating isabelle (3/22/2006 - version 1.3.4)
Mac Games Rating russell (1/31/2006 - version 1.3.4)

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