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  Mini - A great recreation of the Austin Mini (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Monster Jeep - A really big car with lots of power (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Mood Lighting - Change the color of the lights in a level (Unreal Tournament) 4K   unreal tournament  
  Moppeb - A big red shoe on wheels (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Mutator Toolbox - Customize just about anything in a map (Unreal Tournament) 15K   unreal tournament  
  Nethergate - Play Romans or Celts in this classic RPG 7MB   adventure & rpg  
  NevPack - Four kickin new mutators (Unreal Tournament) 12K   unreal tournament  
  Quake 3 Alchemy 1.1 - Collect all three gems and win (Quake 3) 300K   quake 3 arena  
  Rover - This car is nuthin special (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Shanghai: Second Dynasty - Ancient Chinese game from Activision 18MB   board & card  
  Shopping Mart Cart - A motorized shopping cart. Need I say more? (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Sliding 1.0 - Solve sliding puzzles, identifying animals, and reading. 2MB   edutainment  
  Star Wars: Episode I Racer 1.0.1 - Includes support for Voodoo 2 and 3 cards 457K   action  
  Steve Austin - As you guessed, its a car modelled after WWF™ star Steve Austin™ (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Street Rumble 1.1 - Double Dragon-style, scrolling street brawler game 2MB   action  
  Stuffit Expander 5.5 - Decompress virtually any file format downloaded 1MB   system  
  Tempest - A convertable Tempest with a smile (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  TNT GTS - Looks like a space-aged Porshe (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  UFO - Smaller than most UFOs, but pack a whollop! (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Viper (regular version) - Great looking street Viper (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Viper (sport version) - Great looking sport Viper (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  VW TR - A big green van (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
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