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  8th Wonder - Good for 4-8 players (Starcraft) 0MB   starcraft  
  Age of Empires 1.3.1 - Update Age of Empires to version 1.3.1 1MB   strategy & war  
  Aiur's Last Stand - 2 lone protoss factions battle zerg horde (Starcraft) 0MB   starcraft  
  An Adventure:Tower of Gold - Explore a world in a text-based adventure with pictures 366K   adventure & rpg  
  Another Fine Mess - Ray's Maze await you in Another Fine Mess 2MB   adventure & rpg  
  Aurora - Now and again, a giant platform is seen drifting in space (Starcraft) 0MB   starcraft  
  Backstage Starring Carol Channing - Get to the stage on time in this theatrical Myst-like game. 7MB   adventure & rpg  
  Backwoods - Fight among the Stickler Woods and take what you can (Starcraft) 0MB   starcraft  
  Baja - Offroad - A blue truck that will demo most others (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Baja - Street - Great asthetics, horrible handling (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Banger - A Demolition car complete with ads (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Battlin' Babe - Explore the countryside as a growing baby 4MB   adventure & rpg  
  Beach Buggie - Great looking, but bad handling (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Beached - Make your way off a hurricane-ravaged island 310K   adventure & rpg  
  Beached II - Get off of the desert island you're stranded on 439K   adventure & rpg  
  Big Foot - Huge monsterous wheels...what else? (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Blood Pong - The future of pong sport is here 3MB   arcade  
  Bob vs The Aliens 1.3 - 32 levels of side-scrolling, platform-hopping action 559K   arcade  
  Cala - Real life™ looking, but won't hold up in a fight (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Camelots Dragon - A medieval adventure in puzzle form 2MB   adventure & rpg  
  Capture n' Hold 1.0.1 - Domination type style of gameplay (Quake 3) 4MB   quake 3 arena  
  Capture the Gunz 1.0 - Domination with a twist (Quake 3) 592K   quake 3 arena  
  Castle Quest - Rescue the princess 609K   adventure & rpg  
  Catch-Up - The more you die, the more weapons you respawn with (Unreal Tournament) 20K   unreal tournament  
  Cave Fox 2001 1.1.2 - Play 40 awesome levels of jumping fun 500K   arcade  
  Crystal Rock 1.2.1 - Pick up treasure through 45 caves of challenges 430K   action  
  CTF-Horus - CTF map themed in Ancient Egypt (Unreal Tournament) 2MB   unreal tournament  
  CTF-Rush - A CTF map for smaller teams (Unreal Tournament) 471K   unreal tournament  
  Dalek (from Dr. Who) - Try that funky "Dalek" car from "Dr. Who" (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  DarkMasters - From the depths of a dark asteroid that lies deep in uncharted space(Starcraft) 0MB   starcraft  
  Deadlock 1.1b3 - Fixes a few crashing problems in Deadlock 1MB   strategy & war  
  Decal Stay - Customize the length of time a decal stays visibile (Unreal Tournament) 35K   unreal tournament  
  Deep Sea - Guide your ship as you shoot at submarines beneath 2MB   arcade  
  Devourer - Great creation, 2nd only to the dumpster (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Diablo - Explore the catacombs of a fantasy world 69MB   adventure & rpg  
  Disgraced 1.0 - Funny new messages for Impact Hammer kills (Unreal Tournament) 89K   unreal tournament  
  DM-4D - A fine first effort from the author (Unreal Tournament) 476K   unreal tournament  
  DM-4NY - Fight in a futuristic NYC (Unreal Tournament) 328K   unreal tournament  
  DM-9 - Inspired by DM-Deck16 (Unreal Tournament) 561K   unreal tournament  
  DM-Abandoned - Near perfect map, but has a large bug (Unreal Tournament) 234K   unreal tournament  
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