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  Zen 2.0 - Fortune Cookie program 995K   miscellaneous  
  Prima Materia 0.1.1 - Based on video game classics Arkanoid and Breakout 2MB   arcade  
  MacPipes 2.2.7 - Classic arcade puzzle game: build a pipeline of required length pipe parts 664K   arcade  
  MacBrick 2.50 - A colorful breakout clone 2MB   arcade  
  QuickTile 1.0 - A tile matching game 2MB   board & card  
  Thesaurus Tangle 1.0 - A quick-thinking word game 3MB   action  
  WordScramble 1.1.1 - Unscramble the given words 1MB   miscellaneous  
  UnrealFinder 1.0.2 - Finds Unreal game servers on the net allowing networked play against others 383K   action  
  Duke Nukem 3D - Hilarous first-person shooter from MacSoft 9MB   action  
  Golden Logres - A classic pinball game set in King Arthur's realm 22MB   arcade  
  DOOM - Classic first-person shooter from id Software 3MB   action  
  Dark Vengeance - Embark on a 3D expedition into the black heart 33MB   action  
  RummyTile 1.0.1 - rummy-type game 236K   board & card  
  Twisted Deluxe 2.2 - Adventure game in a bizarre fantasy world 14MB   adventure & rpg  
  PacMac Deluxe 1.3 - PacMan throwback, features 2300 levels and 3D rendered graphics 2MB   arcade  
  IndyCar Racing II - Exciting racing simulation from Sierra 10MB   sports  
  Tracktor Beam 1.2.1 - Ferry objects from one location to another 1MB   action  
  Bomber III - This demo is a fully operational version of BOMBER III 7MB   strategy & war  
  Cobra Gunship 1.3.3 - A side-view scroller helicopter game 8MB   strategy & war  
  AS-ColdSteel - A definite blast of cool fresh air! (Unreal Tournament) 4147K   unreal tournament  
  Command & Conquer 1.7.2 - Update for C&C to version 1.7.2 617K   strategy & war  
  Diamonds 3D - Breakout in three dimensions 2MB   board & card  
  Command & Conquer - Fantastic modern real-time strategy game 10MB   strategy & war  
  Bedlam 2 1.06 - Updates Bedlam 1.04/5 to 1.06 361K   arcade  
  Ateras - A barn in a small rockey valley (Unreal Tournament) 630K   unreal tournament  
  Deadlock - Seven alien races struggle to build their empires 19MB   strategy & war  
  Blackjack Royale 1.2 - Play this deluxe version of Blackjack 10MB   board & card  
  The Zone 1.5.1 - Two dimensional inertial space arcade game 2MB   arcade  
  Damage, Inc. - Lead a highly-trained marine strike force 13MB   action  
  Killer Dice Y2K 1.1 - Play the sequel to Killer Dice with a Y2K twist 973K   board & card  
  Fracas 1.6 - Places you in a bizarre world filled with evil creatures 3MB   arcade  
  The Talking Mouse 1.2 - Customizable animated character that speaks 296K   edutainment  
  Killer Dice 1.5.2 - Try your luck with this poker dice game 954K   board & card  
  Bob the Fish 1.6 - Play as Bob in this side scrolling adventure 6MB   action  
  WindTunnels - Fight in an actual wind tunnel (Unreal Tournament) 453K   unreal tournament  
  MillenialAngst ][ - Simplicity and complexity make for a great map (Unreal Tournament) 816K   unreal tournament  
  Descent II - Part 2 in the Descent saga 9MB   action  
  Loxi - A nice little cozy map by "the man" (Unreal Tournament) 702K   unreal tournament  
  Crop Circles - You have the worst job in your planet's armed forces 10MB   arcade  
  Speed Demon 1.2.2 - 3D car racing game with carnage for the Power Mac 7MB   action  
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