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Kill Monty
Mac Games Details
Publisher Freeverse Software
Type Shareware
License Demo
Version 1.1
Date Added 1/21/2008
Size 22.3 MB
Downloads This Version 3,587
Downloads of All Time 25,383
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Kill Monty 1.1


In the fine tradition of such extinction-level events as asteroid Impacts, supernovas and the Ashlee Simpson Christmas albums, Freeverse proudly gives you Kill Monty, the game that spanks your adrenal gland and makes you call it “Papi”.

With multiple levels of non-stop shooting and bucket after bucket of red, um, food coloring, (we have our family-friendly image to maintain after all), Kill Monty is the perfect quick-gaming fix.

The story features exactly two words (mentioned above), so it won’t over-tax your higher cerebral function or be an impediment to our literacy-challenged customers. After you’ve tried the demo and purchase the game, you’ll get access to the flame thrower (which throws flames) and the rail gun (which guns rails…) or something. It’s super cool and it’s only for the Mac!


* Unlockables!

* Spreadshot, Machine Gun, Laser, Grenades, insane Armageddon X Laser, and more!

* Zombie Monkeys, Evil playing cards, Jared!

* Carnage Meter

* Wave upon Wave of endless action!

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 1.1 is now fully Universal for both Intel and PowerPC Macs. Other new features include a new "Assault" gameplay mode, an online high score list, and a complete rebalancing of the weapons. This pulse-pounding finger-banger just got even more exciting.

Mac Games System Requirements

Mac OS X Only
* Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher
* G3, G4, G5 or Intel Processor
* 500 Mhz or faster
* 32 MB VRAM minimum
* 256 MB RAM minimum
* 20 MB hard drive space minimum

Mac Games Download

Kill Monty

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating ahmed (1/24/2008 - version 1.1)
Mac Games Rating coffeeman (7/18/2006 - version 1.0.5)
This is a crazy game. If you need it, buy it.
Mac Games Rating Anthony Volpe (4/9/2006 - version 1.0.5)
Great frustration-killer. Unfortunately after level 4 the game is completely unplayable due to the insane difficulty, enemies that pop up randomly, and an innumerable amount of things onscreen at one time.
Mac Games Rating Bard (4/4/2006 - version 1.0.5)
Excellent execution of a poor game concept. It's so amazingly monotonous, I'm almost tempted to rate it higher just because the developers have the balls to release something so tired.
Mac Games Rating OverlyHairyleemur (4/1/2006 - version 1.0.5)
its okay just it gets like really repetitive. P.S. Nikodemus its spelled Nicodemus and don't try to copy a rats of NIHM name...thats pretty retarded

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