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Publisher Shrapnel Games
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.0
Date Added 8/25/2004
Size 70 MB
Downloads 10,047
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Dominions II Demo 1.0

Dominions 2: The Ascension Wars is an epic turn-based fantasy strategy game unlike any other fantasy strategy title that you’ve ever played. On the surface it may seem familiar; after all you’re raising armies, conquering enemy lands, and wielding powerful spells. Scratch deeper though and you’ll soon find that Dominions 2 introduces a depth that will satisfy even the most hardcore strategy gamer.

Acting as a pretender god leading one of seventeen different nations, players will strive to become the one true god through the power of spell and steel. As both the grand leader of your nation and their god you will seek to spread your dominions across the known world with divinely inspired priests, with masters of the arcane, mages, and of course with armies that grind your foes to dust before them. Use awe-inspiring magical items or craft your own, create new prophets to spread your gospel, and build up your defenses with new castles. On the field of battle you’ll fight with legions of bizarre creatures and truly heroic heroes, as the best in the world will be rewarded for their deeds with newfound powers.

You will find yourself waging war against the intelligent and challenging computer or up to sixteen human opponents. Designed from the ground up for such huge multiplayer games in mind, Dominions 2 effortlessly handles such worldwide mayhem. With a simultaneous turn structure downtime is kept to a minimum, even with a large group playing.

A strategy game like no other, in Dominions 2 if you can think of it as a player, you can probably do it within the game. Destined to become a classic, and one that will surely remain on your hard drive long after most games have been uninstalled!

Mac Games System Requirements

Mac OS X Only
• Mac OS X 10.1 or later
• 300 Mhz PowerPC
• 64 MB RAM

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Dominions II Demo
Dominions II Demo (tutorial)

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating alan (1/8/2006 - version 1.0)
Mac Games Rating blindman (9/28/2004 - version 1.0)
It seems ok as a game sortof compelling, but it totally lacks what games being made today have in the terms of quality. The cons - The graphics are not very good, the useability is a pain unless you learn a bunch of shortcuts, many of the magic items are worthless, you can't tell some leaders from others without stating them - gets redundant. The automatic spell casting blows, the spells you set up are limited to 5. Many of the spells are pointless. Overall the heavy use of features actually weakens this game by including a ton of things without properly balancing them. Sometimes strong armies flee for no apparent reason etc...
Mac Games Rating t (8/29/2004 - version 1.0)
Great game and stop reviewing it if your computers crap and cant run it
Mac Games Rating Neskire (8/28/2004 - version 1.0)
The file does not work. Have tried 5 times to download.
Mac Games Rating alex (8/28/2004 - version 1.0)
Couldn't uncompress the GZip file, can anyone help me out?

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