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Publisher Virtual Programming Ltd
Type Update
License $29.95
Version 1.3
Date Added 8/26/2003
Size 507 K
Downloads 30,346
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WipeOut 2097 1.3

Wipeout caused jaws to drop the world over and became an instant classic. Now WipeOut 2097 is poised to take anti-gravity racing completely over the edge. Lightning-fast reflexes rule in this race n chase thriller where your goal is to stay in the lead and defend your craft against other pilots. Negotiate hairpin turns, make gut-wrenching drops and initiate jumps all while blasting your opponents with intimidating weaponry. With faster, smoother graphics, more tracks, more vehicles, and more weapons, WipeOut 2097 sets a new standard in 32-bit gaming!

The Mac version is true to the original, but also offers full network capability and blistering speed (up to an incredibly challenging 120 fps!)

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
Mac OS 9.1 or higher with CarbonLib 1.5
Mac OS X 10.0 or higher

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WipeOut 2097

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Tarhead (7/10/2009 - version 1.3)
Great Game only need aother update
Mac Games Rating Phil (9/5/2003 - version 1.3)
Great game, a lot of fun an pleasure but after about 10 games the sfx stop and I have only the music, (need to restars application to have sounds again)
Mac Games Rating Sol (9/1/2003 - version 1.3)
The game-play in this port is as good as it ever was on the PlayStation. It remains unique with no other racer on the Mac offering this type of arcade racing. Unfortunately there are a few technical issues, namelly audio dropping out after a few minutes of play and the lack of 32 bit graphics. The high framerates are useless because the game runs at full speed at 30 fps and double the speed at 60 fps; I would rather have it play at the same speed regardless of the framerate selected. Having said that, WipEout 2097 looks great in 1024X768 and the recent 1.3 update can do anti-aliased graphics. The joystick support is working well with a Gravis GapePad Pro being ideal due to its resemblance to the PS1 joypad. The biggest dissapointment is that WipEout 2097 offers no online play. It would be great to play this game on GameRanger but this will never happen. Now if only someone ported Rollcage...
Mac Games Rating Endymion (8/28/2003 - version 1.3)
Great game--idiot reviewers here.
Mac Games Rating rattus (9/24/2002 - version 1.2.1)
this is a truly awful port of a classic game. get the PSOne version and a copy of CVGS if you want. and boycott our already struggling mac games library should not be poisoned by this filth.

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