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Alien Nations
Mac Games Details
Publisher Titan Computer
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.01
Date Added 2/18/2002
Size 30 MB
Downloads 22,592
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Alien Nations 1.01

Three different nations on a single planet - will they get on?

"Alien Nations" combines the complexity of a "God Game" with the linear progression of real-time strategy and has great graphics. The player's objective is to make his civilisation the best on the planet. To do so, he must conduct research, trade and diplomacy. Wars also happen, with real-time fighting.

Despite the multitude of options, the game has an easy-to-use interface, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced players. Everybody has a fair chance and lots of fun!

This single campaign Demo gives you a short impression of the full version of Alien Nations. In this demo you to play as the Pimmons, one of the 3 different nations from the full version. Each nation has it's own with unique buildings, skills and strengths.

In the full version you can more fully explore areas of Research, Diplomacy, Trade and War either in single player or multiplayer LAN modes. After researching relevant areas you will also have access to over 80 different professions and over 70 buildings, giving huge variety to the towns you build.

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Mac Games System Requirements

Classic Only
Macintosh with 266 Mhz or higher
96 MB Ram
Graphics card with 6MB of Video Ram for optional hardware acceleration (3dfx not supported)
200 MB virtual Memory
Quicktime 4.1
GameSprockets 1.7.5

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Alien Nations

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Arindam (4/27/2014 - version 1.01)
If you have difficulty running it, turn off hardware acceleration in the graphics settings. The demo itself is most interesting, being similar in many respects to Anno, but permitting the player to direct his units (with Control-Click, not Command-Click). Note: buildings often need trained operators, so research at the lab and recruitment at the school go hand in hand. Also increased income comes from increasing the number of houses, but that also entails increased food consumption.
Mac Games Rating Anyone (10/14/2006 - version 1.01)
my screen keeps going black if im not moving around whilr ingame. besides that it still is very bad
Mac Games Rating Not Incredibly high Standards (4/9/2005 - version 1.01)
Awful, awful game...
Mac Games Rating Timmy (9/6/2003 - version 1.01)
It's eye candy. Game play fails very early on.
Mac Games Rating Incredibly High Standards (6/8/2002 - version 1.01)
This is quite possibly the worst game ever. If you thought StarCraft was bad, this is like 500000x worse. If you thought Warcraft was bad, this is like 100000000x worse. If you thought Eating Contest 2025 was bad, this game is like 45x worse. I just can't emphasize how terribly horrible this game is. If you spend one second of your life playing this game you have no life, it's so bad, i hate it so much i wish it would die.

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