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Pillars of Garendall
Mac Games Details
Publisher Ambrosia
Type Shareware
License Demo
Version 1.0.2
Date Added 8/8/2002
Size 150 MB
Downloads 18,166
Mac Games User Reviews
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Pillars of Garendall 1.0.2

Glory to Garendall!" -- the battlecry echoes off of the towering walls of Gidolan Keep. Screams of defiance, screams of death -- both pledge their allegiance and fealty to Garendall. The chaos and stench of a battle fought in desperation permeates the night air, thick with blood and fear.

Gidolan Keep lays under seige. Huge monsters, all tooth, claw, and muscle are assaulting the capitol city, threatening to crush the very heart of the kingdom in their malignant grasp.

Welcome to Pillars of Garendall, a huge (150mb+ for the full version) epic fantasy role playing game created using the Coldstone game engine. You'll need a sharp-edged blade and a heart of steel to make it through this unique action-oriented role playing game.

Both Macintosh and Windows users can explore Garendall's dream-like sprawling world and intricately woven tapestry of a story. Pillars of Garendall even has extensive support for plugins, which allow the game to be expanded far beyond the confines of its original design.

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
PowerPC Only
OS 9 or OS X

Mac Games Download

Pillars of Garendall (Full)
Pillars of Garendall (Update Only - 1.8 MB)

Mac Games

Trinity (Pillars of Garendall) 1.0 - Expand the adventure for Pillars of Garendall (Add-on, 15 MB)

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Dustin (4/1/2005 - version 1.0.2)
Please, no.
Mac Games Rating Sei (3/31/2005 - version 1.0.2)
Bad plot, bad gameplay, and its made with Coldstone. Die.
Mac Games Rating Wan (10/20/2004 - version 1.0.2)
This game has minimal functionality. I have 512 MB RAM and the damn thing chops up like a badly ported game. I don't understand how a 150 meg download could be so not worth it. I have highspeed and it was still a waste of my time. This game isn't even an RPG. If you want a fun game that is smaller and better than this, then download Blades Of Avernum.
Mac Games Rating burgermeister (8/4/2004 - version 1.0.2)
It's a good game, but guess what? IT WON'T RUN ON PANTHER!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD if you are running OS 10.3 or higher.
Mac Games Rating DUDE (7/14/2004 - version 1.0.2)
The best game I ever played!

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