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Marathon: Resurrection
Mac Games Details
Publisher Team Unpfhorgiven
Type Add-on
License Freeware
Version 1.2
Date Added 8/4/2002
Size 120 MB
Downloads 17,795
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Marathon: Resurrection 1.2

Welcome Marathon:Resurrection beta 1.2, also known as the Marathon:Resurrection Demo. This release is not a simple patch, it is a complete install and as such can be installed by itself over a fresh Unreal Tournament 4.3.6 install or over a previous version of Marathon:Resurrection.

Once installed, the single player experience is meant to be a loosely based replica of the original Marathon Demo by Bungie. Some things that we included were not part of the original demo, and a few small things have been omitted, but otherwise this release stays true to the original.

Changes from previous versions:

- Too many to enumerate them all. The highlights include the fusion pistol's alternate fire no longer being a single shot kill, minor HUD improvements, and weapon recoil tweaks.

New in this version:

- New multi-player map: DMMRK-Thrud - The same three single player levels as in the original Marathon demo complete with monsters and the original single player experience. Games can also be saved and loaded from the proper terminals in the levels.

Release Comments:

- Please be aware that the HTML manual has not been updated to include the new single player game yet. It will be made available as soon as it is ready. - Blaspheme Quarantine is hard. Hard as Hell. Bungie made it that way. We made it that way. We don't want hear any whining about it. We aren't the first to say, "Hard stuff rules.

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Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
Unreal Tournament v436

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Marathon: Resurrection

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Marathon Fan (4/9/2003 - version 1.2)
Woah. awesome graphics. awesome weapons. AWESOME! cant wait to buy the full game.
Mac Games Rating Expert Gamer (10/16/2002 - version 1.2)
Excelent! Graphics are awesome! It brings back so many memory moments. A must download for all the Marrathon lovers.
Mac Games Rating bob (9/20/2002 - version 1.2)
heh heh, the poor man's Halo. this is a pretty fine substitute while you're waiting for the mac release.
Mac Games Rating Tony Simpson (9/3/2002 - version 1.2)
one word, BRILLIANT
Mac Games Rating Sepherus (8/21/2002 - version 1.2)
Look at those marines. Their so fat and look like bugs. What the hell? This insults marathon.. Now.. I admit the old marines where pretty bad too.. but not this bad.

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