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Type Update
License Update
Version 1.12
Date Added 2/16/2001
Size 6 MB
Downloads 4,674
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Combat Mission 1.12

This is the version 1.12 update for "Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord". It updates versions 1.0 through 1.11. Please follow these instructions:

1. Move the "Graphics 13" and "Sound Effects 11" files into the "Data" folder (inside your Combat Mission folder). If it overwrites an older file of the same name, that's OK (although if you are playing with "mods" you might want to save a copy of your current "Graphics 13" first).

2. Drag the other three files/folders (Combat Mission, OpenPlay Modules (folder), and OpenPlayLib) into your Combat Mission folder.

3. OPTIONAL: Several game scenarios have been updated. You may wish to move the five files from inside the "Revised Scenarios" folder into the "Scenarios" folder (which is in your Combat Mission folder). Note: Don't move the "Revised Scenarios" folder itself, move its *contents* into the "Scenarios" folder.

4. OPTIONAL: If you are having problems with the graphics in Combat Mission (especially if you don't see any of the white game text on a black background) you may want to install Apple's OpenGL 1.2.1 which is included with this update patch. If you are not currently experiencing any graphical problems, you may want to skip this step.

5. Read the INTERNET PLAY READ ME file to learn how to play Combat Mission live over the Internet.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

• Tanks use better hull-rotation logic.
• Gun accuracy is somewhat higher at long range.
• Firing ordnance while moving is less accurate than before.
• Quick Battles have a new "unrestricted" force type.
• Pillboxes have slightly better 'reaction time' and are slightly less easier to spot at long range. It is also somewhat harder to hit their firing slits from longer ranges.
• Smoke usage logic tweaked.
• 20mm gun in Lynx cannot fire on aircraft.
• If both sides have global morale below 25%, a battle will end immediately with an enforced cease-fire.
• Fixed a bug (introduced in v1.1) where simultaneous cease-fire requests by both players in play by email could lead to a crash.
• Fixed a bug so that the computer will never place antitank mines in woods.
• Fixed a bug that made hotseat mutual cease-fires activate one turn later than they should.
• Fixed a bug that could cause a game previously (partly) played as PBEM, but subsequently reloaded as TCP/IP to "lose" minefields a

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic Only
• Combat Mission

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Combat Mission

Mac Games

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord 1.02 - A 1-2 player, turn-based, 3D war simulation (Demo, 31 MB)

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Mark Gibson (2/26/2001 - version 1.12)
Alomst the real thing. As complex as ALs with out the continuous die rolls.
Mac Games Rating (Luftwaffe)Hartmann (1/19/2001 - version 1.1)
The best game on the market for a mac wargame fan. It blows Close Combat out of the water!
Mac Games Rating Dave (1/10/2001 - version 1.1)
Best wargame/strategy game to come along in a long time. Highly recommended
Mac Games Rating Eddy (1/2/2001 - version 1.1v22)
Mac Games Rating Combat man (12/29/2000 - version 1.1v22)

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