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Young's Modulus
Mac Games Details
Publisher Laminar Research
Type Shareware
License Demo
Version 6.45
Date Added 1/29/2003
Size 21 MB
Downloads 13,071
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Young's Modulus 6.45

Young's Modulus is a new program from Laminar Research, the company that brings you X-Plane, and was written by Austin Meyer, the author of X-Plane.

In it, you command an All Terrain Attack Walker, or ATAW, in combat against an alien race whose goal is to rid the Universe of the Human Race. You will start with the lowly Genesis-class ATAW (merely a converted cargo-walker with a gun on the top), and work of through the fresh-design Atlantic, the fast and powerful Olympic, the ultra-high-speed Huron, the massive Agamemnon and Marathon, the high-tech and agressive Tornado and Cyclone, the towering Galaxy, and finally the Ultimate: the TITANIC-class ATAW, which towers 100 meters tall, packing an unbelievable onslaught of weaponry. (But, interestingly, is too big to manuever very well).

Your weapons will run the gamut from basic rockets to gatling lasers and guided machine-guns, with torpedos and ion-cannons thrown in for good measure.

The planets you fight on will vary from the frozen wastelands of Centauri-V to the burning hell-deserts of Kentaurus-Prime.

Young's Modulus, with it's strategic combat-planning, unmatched battle-physics, and first-ever weapons systems is a bold new foray into the concept of armored combat simulations.

Mac Games System Requirements

Classic and Mac OS X
Any Power-Mac of at least 400 mhz.
Monitor that can go to 1024x768 resolution or higher.
80 meg free on the hard drive.
256 meg of RAM.
Any joystick, or pilot with the mouse.
Speech Synthesis must be in

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Young's Modulus

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Nico (3/4/2009 - version 6.45)
Wow, got this game off of an old CD a LOOOOONG time ago and the fact that other people actually play it still is heartwarming, the game was freaking avanced when it was first released, still think that the physics engine was at least a little advanced for its time, the game is especially good at relieving stress when ya play hardcore music in the background and go on a killing spree against Playdough Difficulty enemies and imagine that they are your childhood bullies. YA!!! eat machine gun Domanic Anderson from fifty third street, whos taking whos lunch money now?!
Mac Games Rating WaspWyrm (8/6/2002 - version 6.17)
The controls are very awkward, but the graphics are okay. I also have to switch the resulution on my computer which messes up the order stuff is in, but overall it has a lot of potential.
Mac Games Rating MineMi (7/31/2002 - version 6.17)
A great game, but some parts of it feels nondone.
Mac Games Rating Bubu (5/2/2002 - version 6.14)
to be continued
Mac Games Rating Pete (12/31/2001 - version 2.42)

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